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Hotels of the DPRK: Changgwangsan Hotel

In this edition of our Hotels of the DPRK series, we’ll check out what is probably one of the least known hotels of Pyongyang, the Changgwangsan Hotel. It offers an experience quite different from the mythical Yanggakdo or the world standard luxury Koryo Hotel. Some would say it is more authentic maybe and certainly a great place to make encounters!


View from outside the Changgwangsan

Changgwangsan Hotel, 18-storey twin buildings, is situated in Tonsong-dong, central district in Pyongyang, opposite the Pyongyang indoor stadium and very close to the Ice Rink, Ryugyong Hotel and Rakwon Department store and Beer Bar.      

First Floor

The hotel has a reception, banquet hall, traditional Korean restaurant, Changgwangsan Restaurant, cafe, shop and pharmacy on the first floor.

Second Floor

On the second floor, there are many facilities such as a swimming pool and a gym but also barber, beauty salon and massage room. There are also a laundry and automobile accessories shop outside the hotel.


Changgwangsan Hotel room

When compared to other hotels in Pyongyang, rooms at the Changgwangsan are quite average. The normal standard room has two beds, one closet, one bathroom and complementary furniture. It is probably better than the Youth Hotel, while still being a notch under the Sosan or the Yanggakdo.

Why is it different from other hotels in Pyongyang?

The main draw is that there will be more locals staying here than others hotels.

Often Chongryon students, or people of Korean ancestry living in Japan and still recognising North Korea, will stay here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the special for the bar in the hotel?

A: The bar has some of the best cocktails in Pyongyang ranging from around 5 to 14 dollars

  • How is the convenience store of the hotel?

A: Rakwon Department shop is excellently stocked and a good place to search for souvenirs as well as snacks

  • How is the Gym in the hotel?

A: The Changgwangsan hotel has one of the best gyms I’ve ever seen in Pyongyang, and it’s only 2.8 dollars for a visit!

  • What kind of TV channels can be watched from a room there?

A: the TV receives Chinese TV channels but also Al Jazeera and RT!

How to stay in the Changgwangsan Hotel?

The Changgwangsan, being more of an underdog when it comes to hotels in Pyongyang, is seldom part of tours to North Korea. However, we do use it for very long stays, such as our Pyongyang Language Study Tour and it can also be requested on independent tours.

  • Changgwangsan hotel
  • The lobby of the Changgwangsan Hotel
  • the painting in the hall of the Changgwangsan hotel