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Hotels of North Korea: Haebangsan Hotel


The Haebangsan Hotel ( 해방산려관), located in central Pyongyang and opened in 1962, is not often visited by western tourists but is a popular place for Chinese businessmen and North Koreans visiting Pyongyang to stay.

Haebangsan Hotel Location

The Haebangsan Hotel is located conveniently on Sungni Street in the Central District of Pyongyang next to the headquarters of the Rodong Sinmun Newspaper (the newspaper of the Worker’s Party of Korea) and the Taedong Bridge.

The hotel’s central location makes it an excellent base for exploring sites such as Kim Il Sung Square, Grand People’s Study House, Mansudae Fountain Park and the Mansudae Grand Monuments. The Pyongyang Railway Station is a 20 minute walk away.

Haebangsan Hotel Rooms

The Hotel consists of five stories and 121 rooms. There are standard, double and deluxe rooms available.

While not as comfortable as the Sosan, Yanggakdo or Koryo Hotel, the Haebangsan Hotel rooms are clean and cosy, feature basic amenities and TV with international channels. The hotel rooms do not have hot water 24/7, but it is available in the mornings and evenings. Ask your guides to confirm the hours of availability when arriving at the hotel.

Haebangsan Hotel Facilities

The Haebangsan Hotel features three bars, a restaurant, a karaoke hall, a barbershop, a sauna, table tennis, convenience store, bookshop, billiards room and communications center.

The vast majority of the facilities are found on the first floor of the hotel near the lobby. The table tennis room is located on the second floor of the hotel and closed at 11 pm.

The main coffee shop/bar of the hotel is located on the 8th floor. Upon entering the elevators you will notice these only go to floor #5 or the floors with guestrooms. In order to access the bar area when arriving at the 5th-floor turn left and walk down the hallway to the main staircase and make your way up to the 8th floor for excellent coffee, drinks and great views of the city.

How can I stay at the Haebangsan Hotel?

While we do not stay at this particular on our group tours to North Korea, it is possible to arrange to stay here on an independent tour to North Korea. If you are looking to stay somewhere off the beaten tourist path and have the chance to meet a mixture of Chinese and North Korean businessmen, this hotel is ideal.


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