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Mansudae Fountain Park – DPRK Guide


Mansudae Fountain Park is one of Pyongyang’s most iconic parks opened in 1976 and located conveniently in the central area of the capital Pyongyang.

Usually one of the first stops on tour to the DPRK, the park is a great place to take a first stroll around Pyongyang, get your bearings with the city and people watch.


The Mansudae Fountain Park is conveniently located in the center of Pyongyang near the Grand People’s Study House, Kim Il Sung square, Mansudae Grand Monuments and Mansudae Art Theater

The park was originally opened as an extension to the Mansudae Art Theater, but over time the trees have grown tall and become denser around the park giving it the appearance of being its own separate place


Best visited in Spring, Summer and Fall months while the fountains are active. The typical crowd at the Mansudae Fountain Park will consist of newlywed couples taking wedding photographs, students taking a break from studying at the nearby Grand Peoples Study House as well as the general populace of Pyongyang enjoying some R&R outdoors.

The fountain park area is made of artificial ponds and fountains, one of which can shoot water 80 meters high.

The most popular sculpture in the park is the centrepiece depicting 28 angelic white women performing “snowfalls,” An emotional North Korean anti-Japanese revolutionary song. It was created in 1965 and is still widely performed to this day.

Just across the road from the Mansudae Fountain Park lies the Sungin Hall and Sungryong Hill. These halls were built-in 1325 and 1429 and date back to the Koryo and Ri Dynastys, respectively. These two buildings are some of the oldest in Pyongyang and were used for ancestral ceremonies in the past. Both of these buildings have been rebuilt in their original architectural style, which provides an interesting contrast to the current architecture found around Pyongyang.

Located to the Northeast of the park close to where large tour buses park is the Pyongyang School Children’s Palace. The Pyongyang School Children’s Palace was built in 1963 and serves as an extra-curricular activity school similar to the more modern and bigger Mangyondae School Children’s Palace often visited on tours.

The fountain park is almost always visited before the Mansudae Grand Monuments. Before departure to the monuments, you will have a chance to buy flowers here for 5 Euros (40RMB) to present while at the monument if you wish to do so.


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