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FC Sheriff Tiraspol vs Real Madrid – How Can I Watch This?

FC Sheriff Tiraspol vs Real Madrid, king of the unrecognized country of Transnistria (and Moldova) vs, well the kings of the world pretty much. To say this is somewhat exciting would be quite an understatement. As the Kings of tours to Transnistria, we have already been inundated with questions about how you may be able […]

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How to Drive Organic Traffic For Your Website’s Growth and Ranking

Driving organic traffic for your website is the main objective for every marketer today to be successful. Driving traffic to your website is an art that builds brand awareness and also ranks your website higher on search engines. Businesses across the globe have integrated several marketing strategies that boost their website growth. For your website […]

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Cuba develops COVID vaccine

Cuba develops COVID vaccine in hopes of haling spread in infections. In Havana, 1 May would normally mark one of the biggest public events not just in Cuba but in the whole world. Upwards of a million people would parade through Revolution Square to celebrate International Workers’ Day, otherwise known as May Day. May Day […]

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The Serbian Flag: A Superb YPT Guide

The Serbian flag is a relatively new flag. The flag’s current design was adopted on November 11th, 2010. That’s quite new! The symbolism and the tricolor design however, go way back in their historical context. Waving with a double-headed eagle and white, red, and blue horizontal bars, it definitely has a flare of Slavic flavor. […]

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The Flag of Angola-Number 1 Angolan Flag Guide-YPT

The flag of Angola is unique in its design and has a simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing symmetry to it. The current flag of Angola has been in use since the Republic of Angola’s independence in 1975 from Portugal. After more than a decade of anti-colonial struggle during the Angolan War of Independence, the country adopted […]

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China open to tourism, subject to “travel passport”

China open to tourism, subject to “travel passport”. The China Daily, the mouthpiece of the government has announced a resumption of tourism in the “second half of 2021”. Hoping for levels to return to 30-50% of pre-covid levels for inbound tourism. America first policy? The Global Times announced on March 2nd that travel restrictions between […]

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Egypt Language

Introduction As with many Middle Eastern countries, the official language of Egypt is literary Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic. However, as any student of the Arabic language has painfully learned, if you attempt to speak MSA on the busy streets of Cairo you will be laughed in the face.  So to not have the same […]

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What to Pack for Algeria

Introduction In order to ensure you get the most out of your trip to Algeria, you will want to make sure you are adequately prepared with the right gear to explore Africa’s largest country. From the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, to the punishing Saharan desert and the fertile port cities of Algiers and […]

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Algerian cuisine

Introduction to Algerian cuisine Algerian cuisine is a mix of food made up of the historical influences of Turkish, Arab, Berbers and French taste. Dishes range on a vast spectrum from mild to incredibly spicy, appealing to all palates with a diverse wide range of different flavourings used. Chicken, lamb, grains, fish, vegetables and dried […]

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YPT Gift Cards

As the world continues to navigate through these unprecedented times, we are happy to announce a new way you can give the gift of future travel in better days ahead to the adventurer in your life with our Young Pioneer Tours gift certificates just in time for the holidays. What Is the Young Pioneer Tours […]

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