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Homhil National Park and Dragons Blood

Unlike most places on gods green earth activities on Socotra are not based around the capital of Hadibu, but in the countryside. It is therefore on day 2 where we head to Homhil National Park and famous for its Dragon’s Blood trees.

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Homhil National Park – famous for its Dragon’s Blood trees

On arrival to Homhil National Park you are immediately impressed by the site of the famous Dragons Blood Trees (more later), but also the very alien like scenery of Socotra. It’s here that we begin our hike to natural stream and swimming spot that takes about hour, or more. Technically it should and could be quicker, but the views of Homhil National Park and the Dragon’s Blood trees are enough of a distraction to make the downhill walk a scenic picture paradise stroll. The watering hole that greets you is fabulous, being a little cold, but also offering a sublime view of the beach in the very far distance!

Homhil National Park and the Dragon’s Blood trees

We will give these trees their own article, but they are endemic to Socotra and the ones in the pictures can be 800, or 1000 years old. They truly do look Alien and are probably the most famous site in all Socotra.

Homhil National Park is one of if not the best place to see these majestic trees, but also witness the danger that they face. You see far more old than new trees because the really pest like goats eat up the baby trees. Socotra really needs to cull its goats! I digress….

Hiking down from Homhil National Park and the Dragon’s Blood trees

We personally give the option to either go back to the car – uphill for one hour, or head down to the beach at Arher. Coming down you can see almost the whole of Southern Socotra and it truly is one of the most amazing views on the island.

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And while it is a two hour trek, you feel an enormous amount of achievement as you pass over, with it to me looking like the end scene of the Killing Fields when Dith Pran finally gets to safety, although perhaps that was merely my legs!

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We are then met by our cars and driven to Arher beach, where we not only camp, but take the time to see where the Indian Ocean meets the Arabian sea.

There hike itself is wonderful, and not all that difficult, so long as you are OK with heights and have the correct shoes! This is usually a day 2 event for our tours to Socotra, although things can and of course do change!

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