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Guide to Delisha Beach Socotra

One of the first stops on our tours to Socotra, Delisha beach is simultaneously a tropical paradise, whilst also epitomizing why Socotra gets

#TheMostAlienPlaceOnEarth hashtag.

And why is Socotra such a haven? Quite simply it has managed to be far enough away to avoid the war.

Getting to Delisha Beach

From Socotra Airport to Delisha beach wold take about an hour, while getting from Habibu, the Soctran capital “city” runs more like 30 minutes. The drive here though is pretty epic, particularly as it is the first thing you do in Socotra.

Said journey has you passing through a Khat market, the seafront of Socotra and of course shipwrecks. Time permitting these can technically be explored, but at worst you can at least stop here for some photo action. And then you get to the beach!

What is there to do at Delisha beach?

This would be an excellent place to camp, although when you spend a week in Socotra you will realize there are in fact a lot of great places to camp. The main thing to do here is explore the beach, check out the lagoon and if you so desire climb the massive sand dune. And of course you can swim here, although danger level and comfort depend on time of year. It is though still warm enough for the brave even in February, at least by English standards.

On the beach you’ll notice a lot of dead pufferfish, easily spotted due to their sharp spikes, something you will sadly notice across the island. Sadly this is not a natural occurrence and only started happening two years ago, although no one actually knows why…..

Climbing the sand dunes at Delisha Beach

Epic sand dunes are just one of the reasons Socotra gets its most alien place on earth moniker and while Delisha beach is not exactly the most impressive one, it is still amazing for two reasons, firstly you can climb it to be treated to an amazing view, but also the story of the sheer physics of how it is made.

Sand storms happen during certain months, which mean that life is unbearable and mounts aides get coated in sand. Socotra truly is beautiful, but equally one can truly see how extremely inhospitable it would be during the sandy season.

How to visit Delisha beach?

You will of course need to book a tour to Socotra, something we can obviously very much help you arrange! We run both group and independent tours to Socotra.

You can check out the YPT Socotra Tours here .

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