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What year is it?

What year is it? The short answer to this is the current tear is 2020 AD, or 2020 CE, depending on your views on these things.

Amazingly the question is one of the most searched terms on the internet. This makes you wonder just how messed up, or forgetful you must be to ask this question, and online no less!

This is particularly apparent when you think that this is the year of Coronavirus. The answer is very simple A BAD ONE.

But then it got me thinking just how simple minded I was being. OK it is 2020 for the west, but there are many other calendars out there, such as North Korea, who measure things by the Juche Calendar.

We’ve previously done a blog about the different new years in the world, which you can read here, but today we look at the measuring of years in different parts of the globe.

So, what about OTHER calendars?

What Juche year is it? 2020 is Juche 109, 2021 will be Juche 110 (an important one). The Juche Year Starts in 1912 with the birth of Kim Il Sung, but to complicate things further 1912 is considered year 1. Not year zero, much like how we do centuries.

But of course there are other calendars than the North Korean one!

In the Jewish calendar?

The Jewish calendar began in 3761 BC, which makes 2020 5780 for Jews.

In the Islamic world?

As of December 2020 AD the current year as per the Islamic calendar is 1442 AH.

And the Chinese Calendar?

The current animal year is the year of the rat, but the numeric year is 4718. Not quite as old as the Jews, but still impressive.

In the Hindu calendar?

The Hindu calendar is rather too close to the AD one. As per the Hindu date system it is now 2076. Which sounds kinda cool and futuristic.

How about the Mayan Calendar?

We couldn’t find an answer to this one, but we did find one interesting article you can read here Remember that god awful movie saying the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012? Well it looks like they meant 2020.

And you know what? They might well have been right. At least the year will be over soon…