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5 Reasons Why You Should Take An Ultra Budget Tour.

As a budget tour operator, YPT gives you the Ultra Budget Tour – the cheapest option to visit North Korea. Starting and finishing in Dandong, China, we take the train into Pyongyang and spend two nights in the DPRK capital.

Two local Korean guides to accompany us, a YPT guide, accommodation in Pyongyang, three meals a day (except for on the train), transport and our own group driver, and nearly all entrance fees are all covered in the price.

And all for just €495 euro!

With the DPRK visa costing €50, you are looking at a two-night trip with very little else to budget for on your time in the country.

So, here’s our countdown of 5 reasons why you should visit the DPRK on an Ultra Budget tour:

5. The Train Journey

The train from Dandong to Pyongyang is a pure delight and in many a Pioneer’s opinion the only way to enter Korea. Excitement builds as we exit Chinese customs and the train trundles over the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge into Sinuiju station on the Korean side. When we’re through customs there sit back and enjoy the rural views, head to the dining car for a sit-down Korean meal (and a beer) and wait for the Pyongyang skyline to suddenly appear!

4. It’s Quick

Now we have nothing against spending 7 days, 2 weeks or even more in the DPRK, but if you’re pushed for time but you really want to see Pyongyang then this is the tour for you. We get two nights in the DPRK capital and enough time for a full day-tour of Pyongyang.

What’s more, Ultra Budget tours are usually timed to coincide with festivals in the DPRK like Kim Il Sung Birthday or Victory Day, or with holidays in China like Spring Festival or Dragon Boat Festival, so they make the most of the holiday opportunities.

3. The Itinerary

Without much time to play with, this tour absolutely packs in everything you would want. We see the main sights including the Mansudae Grand Statues, the Korean War Museum and the Juche Tower and we ride on the Pyongyang metro, visit a Pyongyang supermarket and head to the funfair. We even grab a drink in a Pyongyang microbrewery and sample dinner in a range of local restaurants.

2. Flexibility

If two nights isn’t enough for you then you can customize the tour however you want with our range of extensions. Add a day trip to the DMZ and Kaesong, head to Mt Myohyang or the seldom visited Haeju, or go for a beach trip in Wonsan. You can even add a day to play a round of golf if that’s your thing. 

1. Affordability

Of course, though, the number one reason for choosing an Ultra-Budget tour is the affordability!

If you’re on an even tighter budget but really want to set foot into North Korea, we can arrange day trips to the Sinuiju Special Economic Zone adjacent to Dandong.

Check our full range of Ultra Budget tours and email to book your place!