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What currency do they use in North Korea?

Whether you’re preparing for a trip to North Korea, or you’re just curious, here’s our fact file on currency in North Korea.

North Korean Won

This is the official currency used in North Korea, and prices throughout the country will be displayed using this currency. It is only used by locals however, there are certain places where tourists can exchange their money and use it. This includes during a visit to Kwangbok supermarket and the market in Rason. Here you exchange your money into Korean Won, and you’re free to have an explore and search around for some good souvenirs! It is not allowed to take Korean Won out of the country, so make sure to spend everything that you exchange!

What’s it worth?

1 USD = approx. 900,000 KPW

This is the official currency rate online, however the prices in country can be different.

This is an example of the prices at one of the supermarkets in North Korea.



If you’re planning a visit to the country, make sure to bring Euros, US Dollars, or Chinese Yuan. You can use this currency at any outlet, restaurant, or hotel visited. They won’t always have the prices displayed, so you may have to ask.

There are no ATMs in the country, so make sure to bring enough to last your trip! It’s always best to take too much than too little! A tour with YPT includes all of your accommodation and meals, but there are also lots of cool souvenirs you’ll want to pick up.

A point to remember is that you should, where possible, bring small denominations of notes in. Before you enter the country, break down those notes. Buy yourself some water at the airport or some snacks to make sure that you have some small denominations – some places won’t always have change for bigger notes.

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Written by Zoe Stephens