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What is is like to travel to the Cook Islands with YPT?

This year for the first time ever YPT added the Cook Islands to our yearly Least Visited Countries Tour, which raised a few questions, such as why, is it even a country and could you just do it yourself?

As always a very opinionated YPT are here with our version of the truth.

Why did YPT add travel to the Cook Islands?

Despite what some in groups like Every Passport Stamp might say traversing the Pacific Islands is a bit like solving a Rubik’s cube, with repeat trips to Fiji almost unavoidable.

One small way around this though is to utilize travel through New Zealand, which itself then throws up interesting options, such as travel to the Cook Islands, as well as Niue. We ended up opting for the former as we headed to the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, as we completed our tour.

And as for why? As in why did we travel to the Cook Islands?  More on that next.

What is it like to travel to the Cook Islands with YPT?

Amazingly the Cook Islands ended up being a strong favourite for many people on the tour and this is probably for a few reasons. Most would probably not have gone here had it not been on the itinerary, while others had simply underestimated the place.

What we actually delivered was what travel to the Cook Islands and Rarotonga is, a small slice of paradise. Yes we like travel to North Korea and Syria, but sometimes it really is OK to enjoy a mojito next to a beach – but more importantly with like minded travelers.

Almost like a holiday, something needed on a 4 week tour.

But is the Cook Islands a country?

We will give two options on this one of which can be read here. To summarize that it says that yes it is, which can be further explained through this article.

More importantly though, who cares? If your sole criteria is United Nations membership then Switzerland didn’t even count until 1994.

Look we get it, many of you want to go to every country in the world, and YES we see the people in EPS directing our our tours to say how you can do it cheaper, without us and EVEN avoid “non-countries” like the Cook Islands.

But, we are a travel agency first and foremost that feel we provide really fun trips, something those that joined us on our travels to the Cook Islands will surely attest.

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