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New Holiday in North Korea Announced

A new holiday in North Korea has been announced, namely Missile Industry Day, which will fall on November 18th every year.

The standing committee of the DPRK’s parliament unanimously approved a decree to establish Nov. 18 as “missile industry day” (미싸일공업절),  as reported by Korean Central News Agency yesterday (Sunday 5th November)

What is the new holiday in North Korea?

The catchily titled Missile Industry Day celebrates the successful testing the biggest nuclear-capable missile last year, on November 18th.

Some have also opined that it is partly to give legitimacy to his daughter, who was present and very much at the forefront of this event. This year, 2024 will mark the first celebration of this new holiday in North Korea, although no one is sure exactly how it will be celebrated.

How important is the new holiday in North Korea?

It has not been announced what level of holiday this, but it’s obviously less important than things such as Day of the Sun, or Day of the Shining Star when it comes to national holidays

It should also be noted that the birthday of Kim Jong-Un, which falls in January is not yet a holiday in North Korea.

The last major holiday announced by North Korea was Rocket Industry Day on November 29th 2017, although as far as we are aware this has not yet actually been celebrated.

Will there be a Missile Industry Day Holiday?

It is very much too early to say, but if there is indeed any form of North Korean military parade, mass dance, or show to go with the new holiday then no doubt YPT will be there.

Until then we can just ponder until the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea actually opens to tourism. Click the following link to check out our North Korean Tour program.

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