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What happens if you get sick on tour?

Ideally no one wants to ever get sick when they are traveling, but of course it does happen. So, what is the protocol with YPT if you get sick on tour?

OK< so we will ignore the obvious “try not to get sick” and acknowledge that it can and indeed does happen to everyone, including guides.

You need insurance

Something related to the whole location part we will deal with later, but wherever you go you will most probably need travel insurance, something the difficulty of which will depend on where you are going.

For example many sanctions countries you will struggle to insure for, while even America and Canada will lead to higher prices.

Of course YPT have an insurance company we recommend.

Location, location, location

Insurance though is one thing, treatment is a whole other thing and this will depend very much on your location. In many of the places we as YPT travel the medical care system is not all that great. This will mean two things, either getting treated where you are, or if your insurance is good enough getting air lifted out.

Of course what is actually wrong with you will also play a factor here. We have had someone cut their leg in Syria for example and then have it treated for free by lovely staff more used to dealing with war victims. We have also had people break limbs in North Korea, which whilst being looked after turned out to be very expensive.

And most recently we had someone, or rather me need medical assistance in NewZealand, which as well as being fairly cheap also has a reciprocal agreement with the United Kingdom.

Will a YPT guide stay with me if I get sick on tour?

Young Pioneer Tours will of course do everything to look after you should you get sick on tour, but in reality it is unlikely that a guide will be able to stay with you the whole time, or miss a flight to look after you.

What we can and will do though is make sure your next of kin are informed and that we have done everything we can to ensure you are looked after and have a cline of communication with the outside world.

So, while obviously the ideal scenario is to not get sick on tour, YPT have provision for the unlikely event that it does.

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