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The Bir Tawil Guide

The Bir Tawil Guide

Travel to Bir Tawil – Bir Tawil Independent Tours

Can you travel to Bir Tawil? The short answer is that yes you can travel to Bir Tawil, but you cannot as many people claim travel here independently and claim it as your own. To travel to Bir Tawil involves lots of planning, permissions and indeed logistics. All of which Young Pioneer Tours can deal with.

What is the story with Bir Tawil?

If you have landed on a page about independent tours to Bir Tawil we will go out on a limb and assume that you already know a bit about the place, if not we will have a very quick recap.

Essentially Bir Tawil is the only “unclaimed” piece of land on earth. Sadly being unclaimed means that in actual fact it is claimed by a whole host of people, many of whom have not actually been here.

In reality this piece of land sandwiched between Egypt and Sudan has a fraught history and despite claims it is “uninhabited” it is very much inhabited by the Ababda Tribe – believe  it or not they do not take too kindly to people planting flags.

You can read the book about our initial voyage there here “The Men in No Mans land”.

Group Tours to Bir Tawil

Young Pioneer Tours ran the first group tour to Bir Tawil in 2019, we will run our next group tour in 2022. This is done as part of our tours to Sudan, which also link with tours to South Sudan.

These tours are ran every November, but with us looking into the feasibility of running more regular tours.

You can check out the last Bir Tawil itinerary here.

Independent Tours to Bir Tawil

For those interested in visiting Bir Tawil independently Young Pioneer Tours are the only company currently allowed to take people into Bir Tawil. We can tailor make an itinerary for you and where needed incorporate things that you are interested in doing.

If you are planning to come here to claim it as a country “negotiate with the tribe”, or other such things then we cannot facilitate your trip. Do though feel free to get in touch if you would like to travel and your ideas, we are happy to discuss them.

How do you get to Bir Tawil?

Technically as “unclaimed land” you can get here via both Egypt and Sudan, although the area is dejure part of Sudan. Our trips involve trailing via Khartoum, rather than through Egypt.

All trips involve camping, if you cannot camp then you cannot go to Bir Tawil! There are no hotels in Bir Tawil.

Can I film in Bir Tawil?

YPT can arrange filming trips for bloggers, YouTubers and the like. If you would like to do a professional filming shoot then things are a little different and other permissions are needed.

Our sister company Pioneer Media can facilitate filming in Bir Tawil.

Can I travel o Bir Tawil without assistance and claim it as a country?

No, you cannot. There are people that live here and claim it as their ancestral homeland. How would you feel if someone rocked up on your doorstep and planted a flag in your garden before walking in your door and telling you how they will make your life better.

Bir Tawil is extremely interesting because of the anomaly that it is, but do to treat it differently to visiting anywhere else on the planet, show it some respect.