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Best Egypt Tours – 2024 – 2025 

Young Pioneer Tours loves Egypt! Ancient wonders, golden and white deserts, and the Nile have brought us to this part of the world for years. 

YPT offers customisable tours to Egypt: if you know what you want to see, we can make it happen. If you do not know, don’t worry, we are experts and can design a program to meet your needs. Bespoke is our speciality!


We run several group Egypt tours throughout the year with our trusted local partners as well as an experienced YPT guide.  We aim for an alternative experience taking you off the traditional tourist trail and to a whole other unseen side of the country. 

Here are our upcoming Egypt tours for 2024-2025:

Alternative Egypt October Tour – October 21st-26th 2024 – $995

This tour takes you to all of the best Egyptian sites that most tourists never get to see. By getting off the normal tourist route, you’ll have the chance to see all that this fabulous country has to offer.

Alternative Egypt March Tour – February 29th-March 5th 2024 – $995

This tour follows the same route as our October tour, where you’ll get the same chance to explore this ancient country from a rarely-seen lens.


Day 1 – Cairo

  • Arrive at your convenience into Cairo – the capital city of Egypt which is well connected from many countries within Africa, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Then head out for your first taste of the local cuisine, hummus, tajine, Fattah and even pigeon for the daring.
  • Head back to the hotel for a rest or a few drinks with pool table and darts.

Day 2 – Cairo


  • Start your day with a hearty breakfast on the rooftop before departing at 8:30am for your first look at the country’s gems, the pyramids.
  • For an alternative twist we will first take you to explore the Pyramid of Djoser – considered to be the world’s oldest intact pyramid.
  • You’ll then explore the lesser-known pyramids. Our first being the Bent Pyramid – which almost collapsed due to a mistake in its design.
  • The second pyramid you’ll visit is the Red Pyramid – here we can expect zero tourists, in stark contrast to the most famous of the pyramids.
  • Finally this morning you’ll witness the Pyramids of Giza – which are amongst the most popular tourist destination in the entire world.


  • Stop for famous middle eastern pastries for lunch.
  • Continue to the City of the Dead, an ancient necropolis made up of an Arabic cemetery where the less-fortunate of Egypt have settled. Tens of thousands of people live here within mausoleums and tombs. It creates a mixture of bustling living amongst monuments of death. We’ll walk through the neighbourhood as our guide introduce us to the settlers and shares more about the history.
  • Walk the streets and get up close with the craft shops, and the way most Egyptians in Cairo live.
  • During your walk you’ll soon find yourself in an ancient mosque, different from most you will find in the middle eastern but none the less impressive. Used as a place of education, worship, and with a great historical past. You can climb the minaret for 360 degrees of the city.
  • Head out for dinner, drinks and explore the nightlife of Cairo
  • Overnight in Cairo

Day 3 – Cairo – Bahariya – White Desert


  • Begin our desert expedition and make our way to the White Desert in our 4X4s – the White Desert is located not too far from Cairo and is one of Egypt’s best kept secrets. The scenery here is like nowhere else with white chalk rock formations rising out from the sand formed through erosion by wind and sand.
  • Stopping on the way at the Oasis of Bahariya – here you can stretch your legs and take in the scenery


  • We’ll have a local lunch in a small village nearby Bahariya
  • For us to arrive at the White Desert we must first make our way through the Black Desert – a region of volcano-shaped and widely spaced mounds reaching a height of 100 meters darkened by volcanic action during the Jurassic period 180 million years ago.
  • Stop and explore Crystal Mountain – a uniquely shaped ridge standing alone in the middle of the desert made entirely of calcite crystal. A bizarre yet beautiful natural formation to gaze upon.
  • Arrive at the White Desert – just in time for the stunning sunset.
  • As the evening darkens you will then pick your own Bedouin encampment. The locals here are traditional goat and camel herders. We will feast under the starry sky of Egypt followed by a Bedouin music party.
  • Overnight in the Bedouin camp

Day 4 – White Desert – Bahariya – Cairo 


  • Wake up in the middle of the desert, and enjoy breakfast as you take in the scenery surrounding you.
  • Begin exploring the impressive chalk formations of the White Desert with plenty of opportunities for walking and taking photos. There area covers over 300 km2 in total.


  • Begin making our return to Cairo and stop for lunch at the Oasis of Bahariya.
  • On arrival we’ll prepare for our farewell feast and enjoy the nightlife.
  • Overnight in Cairo

Day 5 – Cairo


  • Today will be a big day so fill your stomach in the morning, and head to your first stop which will be the Egyptian Military Museum – the official museum of the Egyptian Army.
  • Don’t get confused by its palace façade, here lies some of the nation’s most important historical figures, and long history of the nation in battle. This is an interesting opportunity to see the long and enduring struggle Egypt has had to remain independent.
  • We then head to the tent market, this is a great opportunity to try sweets, and purchase any handmade items you wish.
  • At the end of the market, you will be able to see the old gate of the city of Cairo, you are even able to climb the minaret for a remarkable city which includes the polarising Mohammed Ali Mosque with its grand silver domes that can be viewed from kms away.
  • We will then drive through the garbage city which is considered the “slums of Cairo”. Here you will discover the meaning behind not judging a book by its cover. This area is home to many wealthy businesspeople who have monetised garbage. Their work is crucial for trying to reduce and recycling paper and metal. Pioneers of tackling environmental issues that the globe faces.


  • After we will head to our favourite falafel spot in Cairo, fresh sesame and hummus that will get your taste buds going.
  • After lunch we will explore Coptic Cairo, not only is it a place of ancient and modern history but it is a suburb that has a synagogue, mosque, and church side by side. Representing a tolerance that often goes unheard of in today’s media. Ge ready to challenge your pre-conceived ideas.
  • Then we will head back to the hotel, get refreshed and have our farewell dinner.

Day 6 – Cairo

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Tour concludes – YPT is able to arrange post-tour accommodation or advice for flights.


If our dates don’t suit, or the itinerary isn’t what you’re looking for, or if you’d simply prefer to travel alone, please contact us to arrange an Independent Tour. 

The types of tours that we can tailor for you are endless, including but not limited to 4WDing, hiking, natural sites, sporting, cultural, ancient cities and many more. If you have any suggestions of what type of tour, you’d like to do tell us your idea and we’ll further discuss.



YPT can extend your trip to Luxor by either a sleeping overnight train or even an overnight cruise. 

Activities in Luxor:

Some of our favourite actives in Luxor are floating in an air balloon over the city, it is often considered the “world’s largest open-air museum”. This is because you will fly over the Valley of the Kings, the world’s most important archaeological site. This is also one of the cheapest places in the world to air balloon. 

If you like your feet on the group you can also sail down the Nile and watch the sunset with a glass of wine – perfection!


YPT specialises in the alternative side of Cairo and this tops our list.

Here you can see the other side of our urban, globalised planet in the Garbage City, or Manshiyat Nasser, where life goes on amongst piles of trash. To learn more, read the blog we wrote HERE.


Through our media arm Pioneer Media we can make arrangements for productions, journalists, or others to film within Egypt from big budget to guerrilla productions.

Egypt Tour FAQS

For most nationalities the visa is easy and can be obtained simply on arrival for $25 US, making it more accessible than ever. Note – this is the current price and is subject to change.
Yes. While there was some instability in Egypt during 2011, things have improved greatly over the last 12 years. Egypt’s economy relies heavily on tourists, and there is a strong system of tourism police to ensure that the country is safe for tourists.
Egypt uses the Egyptian pound (EGP). Over recent years, the country has experienced massive inflation, which means that the rate of exchange for EGP is unstable. You can check the current exchange rate here.
Yes, ATMS are common throughout Cairo and other major cities in Egypt. They accept foreign cards and are easy to use.
Egypt has large populations of both Muslims and Egyptian Coptic Christians. While levels of religiosity vary on an individual level, it is overall a very conservative culture, irrespective of religion.
Egypt can be a notoriously difficult destination for solo female travelers traveling independently, due to high rates of sexual harassment and scamming. However, this is a great perk of traveling on a group tour. Our awesome local and YPT guides help make Egypt an enjoyable and safe destination for solo female travelers.
Egypt is generally very conservative when it comes to dress. There may be many other tourists wearing short or tight clothing, but dressing appropriately can help reduce the amount of street harassment that you may experience. It is recommended that men cover their knees and shoulders. Women should also wear long pants and cover their shoulders. Loose, non-revealing clothing is preferred.
Yes, alcohol is legal in Egypt, though only at specific bars or nightclubs, not in every restaurant.

Egypt even has its own domestic alcohol production, including a famous local beer known as Stella.
Homosexuality is illegal in Egypt, although, as anywhere in the world, there are many LGBTQ individuals. Egypt tends to be very protective towards its tourism industry, so risk of harassment or persecution is much more prevalent for locals than foreign tourists.

In general, public displays of affection are very frowned upon in Egypt, so all public displays of affection, whether heterosexual or homosexual, should be avoided.

LGBTQ travelers can travel safely to Egypt, although you should follow the advice of your local guide and YPT guide. If you have any questions at anytime, your guides will be more than happy to help you.
Egypt is notoriously strict for policing premarital relations, but only for Arab individuals.

Two foreigners who are not Muslim or Arab can stay in the same hotel room easily, regardless of marital status. If you are from an Arab country, you will have to bring a marriage certificate to stay with a member of the opposite sex.

Individuals of the same gender can always stay in the same room in Egypt, regardless of nationality.