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Best South Sudan Tours 2024-2025

Young Pioneer Tours are now offering fully guided and security-conscious South Sudan tours for 2024 and 2025. South Sudan has always been a particular interest to YPT hence why we were one of the first international tour companies to offer South Sudan group or independent tours. South Sudan gained its independence in 2011, giving it the title of the youngest country in the world!

Although being a newly independent republic, it’s still considered unstable in certain regions. However, we have designed the perfect South Sudan Tour, which combines everything you need to see with the utmost safety and of course fun!


We are currently offering the following South Sudan Group Tours for 2024 and 2025, but keep watching this page as we are always looking to add more tours. Due to logistical restraints, we can only hold spots up to 12 group members, so be sure to book quickly as our South Sudan Tours tend to fill up very quickly.

South Sudan Essential Tour – December 13th – 16th 2024 – $1495
This is the first tour after the rainy season! You’ll leave the capital and head towards the Mundari settlement. You will be introduced to the village chief so that he personally grants you further access to the local tribe.

South Sudan Budget Tour – March 20th – 23rd 2025 – $1495
Our first South Sudan tour of the year and one of the best times to travel. This tour involves our most popular itinerary and price! You can enjoy the best weather of the year in the country and experience indigenous life with the Mundari people, famous for their ghost like appearance and herding cows.

For those wishing to stay longer in South Sudan, YPT can arrange extra nights on tailor made itineraries. Simply get in touch for more details.

All of our South Sudan Tours are accompanied by an expert YPT Guide, as well as local guides and our security details. Group sizes are kept small to aid both enjoyment and safety.

South Sudan Independent Tours

In case our group tour dates do not fit your schedule, or you would like to travel alone, or you would like a personalized bespoke South Sudan tour, then YPT can help arrange the perfect South Sudan trip. Prices depend on the number of people and what level of accommodation you desire, but YPT can arrange everything you need for a perfect independent tour to South Sudan.

Independent South Sudan tours can be done directly in country, or combined with tours to Egypt, or Sudan where there are direct flights. YPT also offers a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which can also be lined with a tour to South Sudan.

South Sudan Tour – 3 nights, 4 days itinerary

Below is our example 3 night, 4 day tour to South Sudan, although we can offer, 5, 7 and 10-day examples South Sudan Tours on request. This tour can be done in its entirety, or combined with other destinations to design your perfect trip to South Sudan.

Day 1 – Juba, South Sudan

  • Arrive at your convenience into Juba – the capital city of South Sudan which have flights connected from a few countries within Africa and Dubai (airport transfer included)
  • Pre-tour meeting will be held at the lobby of the hotel at 5:00pm to discuss tour itinerary and to meet your fellow travellers and YPT guide.
  • Dinner and drinks by the Nile at the AFEX camp
  • Overnight at the hotel

Day 2 – Juba – Mundari Camp

  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Visit Juba University – founded in 1975 in response to the need for higher education in southern areas of Sudan. Here is a great chance to meet South Sudan’s sharpest students.
  • Explore Jubek Tomb – Jubek is one of the most important figure of the Bari people and his history is linked to lots of underlying tensions. Jubek is highly regarded in the country hence the capital being named after him.
  • Explore Konyo Konyo – South Sudan’s largest market. It is an incredible place where the immense ethnic diversity of South Sudan mix.


  • Afternoon departure to Mundari camp – the driving time differs, as the Mundari always move around with their camp. It can be anywhere between 15 min to a 3 hour drive!
  • On the way stopping at small villages or for photo opportunities
  • Continue onwards to a Mundari settlement where you will be introduced to the village chief so that he personally grant you further access to the local tribe.
  • Trip highlight – By sunset, the herders will return to the village with their livestock in masses and start preparing them for the evening stay. The mist created by the smoke the Mundari prepare to repel mosquitoes will create a unique atmosphere.
  • Dinner prepared by our very own cook
  • Evening of games with the Mundari people
  • Overnight camping

Day 3 – Mundari Camp – Terekeka – Juba

  • We recommend waking up early to watch or partake the herders preparing their cattle for the day ahead. The morning is always the busiest time of the day for the locals. Feel free to assist with any chores.


  • Early lunch at the camp before we return to Juba.
  • Check-in to your hotel room and freshen up
  • Drive by the Presidential Palace – the residence of South Sudan’s leader, easily recognised with his distinctive cowboy hat, Salva Kiir Mayardit.
  • Stop by the John Garang Mausoleum – John Garang lead the revolution as well as promoting the concept of Sudanism, an ideology that all Sudanese should go beyond the divisions of the people (Animists, Christianity, Islamic, Arabs, Blacks) and embrace all cultures of South Sudan and unify under one Sudanese.
  • Finish up the day by exploring Juba’s Craft Market
  • Farewell dinner with our local guides and group members
  • Explore Juba’s nightlife
  • Overnight at the Hotel

Day 4 – Juba

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Tour concludes with airport drop-off arranged according to your flight details – YPT is also able to arrange post-tour accommodation or advice for flights.

Our 3 night, 4 day South Sudan Tour is our standard trip, but we also have 5 and 7 day itineraries that are available on request. We can also arrange bespoke South Tours for longer and indeed shorter South Sudan Tours.

Bespoke South Sudan Tour examples

We do not list all of our bespoke South Sudan itineraries, but can offer some examples, such as the following:

  • Juba Tours – If you simply want to tick South Sudan off the list, YPT can arrange your visa for a short trip to Juba.
  • Extended Stays in Juba – If you are looking for a longer stay in Juba, be it for study, or to simply soak up Juba life then YPT can assist with a longer South Sudanese visa, as well as finding an apartment, or house in Juba.
  • Business Trips to South Sudan – As the newest country in the world, South Sudan still lacks much infrastructure and is actively seeking direct foreign investment (DFI). YPT can arrange business trips to South Sudan, as well as relevant meetings with government or private sector stakeholders.
  • School Trips to South Sudan – Being a country so deeply enriched with history, as well as the ability to interact directly makes school trips to South Sudan a viable option students of all ages. Young Pioneer Tours have experience in arranging safe school trips to troubled areas, such as South Sudan.
  • South Sudan Tours for journalists – South Sudan has some of the strictest rules within the region on journalism, as well as photography. Young Pioneer Tours can arrange visas and trips for journalists needing to visit South Sudan, and this includes regions not usually open to tourists. For more information please get in touch.

Sudan and South Sudan Tours

Usually, we are able to arrange Sudan and South Sudan tours combined together via flights between Khartoum and Juba.

Sadly, since the start of the civil war in Sudan we have had to suspend our tours to Sudan. Once this situation is resolved we will again be offering tours that go throughout old Sudan.

Travel to Abyei

Travel to the disputed region of Abyei is not currently possible, although for journalists with a budget for security detail, we may be able to arrange something with our South Sudanese travel agent partners.

South Sudan Tour Guides

While the tourist industry is still in its infancy in South Sudan, there are some excellent tour guides. All of the tour guides that Young Pioneer Tours works with in South Sudan not only speak great English, but are also extremely knowledgeable about their country.

Unfortunately, there are not always guides that speak every language. If you require a private tour to Sudan with a language other than English, please get in touch so we can see what we can do.


Below are what we are frequently asked about South Sudan for those interested in traveling to the country. We feel that we answered pretty much everything you might need to know before you go to South Sudan, but please feel free to get in touch about your South Sudanese tour, or to ask any additional questions.

Visas can be applied at your nearest South Sudan embassy if you wish to get it in advance. Embassies have varying requirements, with some requiring a lot of paperwork and others almost nothing. Embassies in Africa tend to be more relaxed and cheaper than European embassies.

The easiest way to get the visa, however, is to apply for an e-visa.

We suggest getting the e-visa! The cost depends on your nationality and is subject to sudden changes however at the time of writing, most nationalities get it for $100-$160 United states Dollars (USD). We can provide your South Sudan Letter of Invitation for a visa from your embassy, or online.

You can apply for your South Sudan e-visa here.
Proof of vaccination is required for travel to South Sudan, but there are no requirements regarding PCR tests. It should also be noted that proof yellow fever vaccination is also required to visit South Sudan.
There are reports of armed conflicts, inter-ethnic violence and crime in certain regions of South Sudan – we work closely with our local guides and avoid these regions. While we team up with extremely competent and knowledgeable local partners, it is important to remember that South Sudan is still unstable in parts. Our partners will always make sure that the places we are visiting are safe at the time we visit them. Sometimes, very rarely, this means that the itinerary must be changed. Please understand that this is always done with your safety and the safety of the group in mind. You should also check government advisories, such as the UKFCO before deciding to travel to South Sudan.
We will encounter many people living in extreme poverty condition and, as such, some gifts can make a real difference in the life of the people we will meet. You can, for example, bring common stationery for kids and common medicine for family. Our guides will know how to make those gifts get the maximum impact. South Sudan has a very strong culture of gifts, some would say bribes, that is very hard to understand for outsiders. That is why our local guide will be in charge of giving those gifts and contributions to the different community leaders. These contributions are already calculated in the cost of the tour and we’d ask from you that you refrain from giving gifts directly. If you would like to give something, please first consult your guides.
The climate of South Sudan remains largely the same throughout the year, so in a sense that means that all times are good times to go. With that being said the nomadic nature of the tribes affects where they are at certain times of year, so we suggest asking our advice before you book an independent tour to South Sudan.
We recommend flying into Juba – the capital city of South Sudan, which have flights connected from a few countries within Africa particularly via Sudan and Ethiopia, well as Dubai. We currently do not recommend crossing any land border with South Sudan.
The surest way to avoid inconveniences is to come with cash in USD only. The money must be from 2009 to the newest series, without marks, ink, tear, and stamps. Brand new notes would be ideal as anything that meets only some of the above will be rejected even by commercial banks and the Central Bank. There are essentially no ATMs in South Sudan, nor do many places take cards, so keep this in mind.
During the day, South Sudan is a very hot country all throughout the year. Please pack loose light-coloured clothes that breath and can efficiently block the sun. At night, however, it can get quite cold so make sure to pack a jumper and some warm clothes. We will be camping a few nights so make sure you have enough clothes to be comfortable sleeping outdoors.
There is one bank whose ATM dispenses United States Dollars (USD). South Sudan only accepts USD. Sometimes the transactions do not work out due to restrictions from your home bank, so best to avoid them if possible. It is prudent upon each visit to make sure that your banks back home have lifted such restrictions.
Yes, you can have drinks in South Sudan! There is a popular night scene in the capital city Juba, on your last night of the tour you can experience the bars and clubs. A typical price for a beer is $2-3 in restaurants.
Since independence South Sudan has been rocked by civil strife, war and immense corruption. This has led South Sudan to be placed under a number of sanctions, sanctions which adversely affect the poor, rather than the ruling elite. We therefore that not only is it ethical, but extremely advantageous to the common people. Questions of ethics are though down to your own opinion.