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In Pictures – Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan

Heading to North Korea? Looking for some travel ideas pre and post tour? If Japan is on your radar then Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market is a must. Be prepared for a battle on the senses – It opens at 3am, houses 400 types of seafood, employs 65,000 people making it the world’s largest fist market. An estimated 17% of the world’s daily catch passes through the gates.

The biggest draw here is the tuna auction. It’s first come first serve and registration opens at 4.30am. They only allow 120 visitors a day so a bit of dedication is needed! After the auction take your time strolling through the outer market as the merchants slice, dice and push their products out to the public. Keep in mind it’s a place of work and tourists are only tolerated so try not to get in the way if you can help it.After a few hours your legs and nose will be begging for mercy but you’re not quite done yet as one cannot leave Tsukiji without sampling a sushi breakfast. Walk outside the market to the adjacent streets to find the best local hidden street vendors – away from the hoards of tourists.

Try and get there before the end of the year as it’s scheduled to move to the nearby Toyosu district meaning it will surely loose some of it’s charm and history. When you’re all fished out, walk up north to Tokyo’s upmarket and glitzy Ginzo area for something completely different…

By YPT’s Shane on a recent visit to Tsukiji. Scroll through the pictures using the arrows or dots:

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