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The First North Korean Booze Cruise and Beer Festival

Young Pioneer Tours are extremely pleased to announce that we have heard some great news from our partners at the Korean International Travel Company – from August 15th – September 9th, the first ever Pyongyang Taedonggang Beer Festival will be held on the Taedonggang Cruise boat on the River Taedong every night for the duration of the festival.

If you have not heard of Taedonggang Beer, it is THE beer of North Korea. The festival will highlight 7 of them namely the imaginatively titled Taedonggang 1 and Taedonggang 7 (you can guess the ones in the middle).

The opening ceremony will take place at 7 pm on August 15th (Liberation Day), with speeches, an art display and other fun things due to take place.

We are still waiting for more information to follow, but we plan to have this available for all tourists visiting during this time. Get in touch for more info!

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