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The Party Founding Museum is a building located in central Pyongyang where according to official DPRK history, President Kim Il Sung founded the ruling Workers Party of Korea on October 10th, 1945.

In October 1970, the site was officially opened up as a museum dedicated to the history of the Workers Party of Korea and the events leading to its founding.

History of the Party Founding Museum

The building was constructed in 1923 during the Japanese occupation of North Korea and was originally used as an exhibition center.

After the Japanese occupation ended, the North Koreans took the building and turned into the headquarters of the soon-to-be ruling Workers Party.

On October 10th, 1945, President Kim Il Sung held a meeting in the building’s main hall where the Workers Party of Korea was officially proclaimed.

It is one of the few buildings remaining in Pyongyang that has a heavy Japanese colonial architectural influence (most were destroyed during the Korean War) being very blocky and formal and constructed with dark gray stone.

The roof of the building emulates that of the Imperial Diet Building in Tokyo.

Location of the Party Founding Museum

The Museum is situated at the southern foot of Haebang Hill in the Party Central District of Pyongyang. If you are staying at one of Pyongyangs central hotels such as the Koryo Hotel, Haebangsan Hotel or Pyongyang Hotel, it is possible to walk to this site.

Also located nearby the Party Founding Museum is the house in which President Kim Il Sung inhabited during his early days as President of North Korea.

Visiting the Party Founding Museum

Today the two-storeyed museum is made up of 2 offices, a reception office and a meeting room that President Kim Il Sung used. It also has several display rooms showing the history of founding the party.

This museum is very much off the tourist trail in Pyongyang, so if you would like to visit it, an independent Tour or a separate extension after your group tour to North Korea is the best way to ensure you will visit the museum.

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