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Top 4 Independent YPT Soviet Tours Available During COVID-19


Since we opened our dedicated Soviet Europe office over two years ago, our European Soviet tour section has expanded massively. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and from the Balkan Mountains to the Caucasus mountains, there are few places in Europe we can’t take you.

One of the hidden gems of our Europe tours is our range of independent tours which can be arranged 365 days a year and are completely customizable. Most importantly, they’re not that much more expensive than our group tours. In the midst of the current pandemic, running ethical group tours is a lot easier said than done. So many people have opted for independent tours to get their travel fix.

In this article, we’re going to give you a rundown of the European destinations we can arrange a private tour for you or a small group of friends. All tours come with a YPT guide and local guides as standard and feature a lot of hidden extras as the itinerary is a lot more flexible.


Bulgaria is a classic YPT destination and the home of our head office. The home of great food, a bizarre communist past, and the site of the holy grail of brutalist architecture in the form of the Buzludzha UFO. Our Bulgaria tours begin in the heart of the Balkan mountains in Sofia before crossing the length of the country to round off overlooking the Black Sea alongside the mighty monument to Bulgarian Soviet friendship.


The Baltics are arguably one of Europe’s most fascinating regions. Luckily, it’s also one of the few destinations where a cross border road trip is possible due to a corridor being opened by local governments there. Our Baltics tours generally begin in Lithuania and explore KGB prisons and the stunning old town of Vilnius. We then head into Latvia where Soviet bunkers, abandoned air force bases, and the incredible atmosphere of Riga are on offer. Our final destination is Estonia, where we absorb the mixture of Nordic and Slavic cultures and take a road trip all the way into the North up to the city of Narva. A scene of heavy fighting in WW2, here we’re a literal stone’s throw away from Mother Russia. There is even a lonely Lenin up there reaching out towards his motherland.


A country rich in Medieval, WW2 and Cold War history, our Poland tours take you through the highlights of the country through the classic old town of Krakow to the former heartland of Nazism in Wroclaw, through the capital of Warsaw where we can fire a range of WW2 weaponry and indulge in some epic military history. Finally, we head into the North of Poland in search of Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair Bunker complex which was the site of the infamous assassination attempt in 1944. We’ll also drive a tank here and explore more Nazi bunkers, as you do!


Currently, in the grip of anti-government protests, Belarus is slightly volatile at the moment. However, the borders remain open for now and the country is safe provided you stay away from any unrest. Our Belarus tours take in the main and lesser-seen sights of this Soviet-style country. After driving tanks and shooting guns at the Stalin Line, we explore the Lenin statue factory in Minsk. In the WW2 ravaged city of Brest, we explore the legendary fortress that has earned a place in the hearts of Russian-speaking people everywhere. Additionally, we can also arrange tours to the lesser-visited sector of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

So don’t let the pandemic write off the entire year, ethical travel in accordance with current safety guidelines is still possible through our range of private tours. So get in touch for a quote for a private tour for you or a small group of friends and let’s begin the adventure!

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