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Hotels of North Korea: The Pyongyang Hotel

The Pyongyang Hotel, despite its name that gives off the impression it may be the cities most exclusive and luxurious hotel, is a much more modest affair.

Often mistaken for the Ryugyong Hotel due to its name as the “Pyongyang Hotel”, This hotel was Built-in 1961 this is another hotel in Pyongyang that doesn’t see many foreign tourists and instead accommodates long-term residents in the city, domestic North Korean travellers and occasionally delegations from the Chongryon Association.

Pyongyang Hotel Location

The Pyongyang Hotel sits on a prime real estate location in the city, standing opposite the Pyongyang Grand Theatre on the Taedong River bank where Sungri Street (승리 거리) and Yonggwang Street (영광 거리) intersect.

Its location in the center of the city makes it a great choice for travellers who would like to be close to the cities most famous landmarks.

Being located next to the Pyongyang Grand Theater it is also a great place to see North Korea’s famous morning motivational drummers cheering people on as they head to work as pictured below:

Pyongyang Hotel Rooms

The Pyongyang Hotel, a second-class hotel in North Korea, features clean but basic rooms with amenities and international tv channels.

Hot water is not available 24/7 but is available for a few select hours in the morning and evenings in the rooms.

In total, the Pyongyang Hotel has 198 rooms with 5 suites, 53 deluxe rooms, 113 standard rooms and 27 budget rooms.

Pyongyang Hotel Facilities

Pyongyang Hotel Café – Potentially what the Pyongyang Hotel is most famous for is the Pyongyang Hotel Cafe located on the 6th floor. The Pyongyang Hotel Cafe is one of the best coffee shops in the city, serving up a full menu of familiar favourites.

Arirang Restaraunt – Located next to the Pyongyang Hotel is the Arirang Restaraunt. This restaurant serves a mixture of western and Korean dishes specifically specializing in Bibimbap.

Open-air restaurant – For those looking for an outdoor dining experience the Pyongyang Hotel features an outdoor seating area that can be arranged in advance. This is also another place where you can try North Korea’s Petro Clam BBQ.

Souvenir shop and Bookshop – Located on the second floor of the cafe is the souvenir and bookshop.

Tailor Shop– There is a tailor on the third floor of the hotel. The tailor isn’t always there, so if you would like to have your very own custom DPRK suit made, please ask your guides to schedule an appointment.

Billards Hall – Located on the fourth floor is a Billards Hall with multiple tables.

Table Tennis – Also located on the fourth floor with staff members who are always up for a challenge.

Karaoke Room – Located on the second floor of the hotel with songs in Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese.

Massage Room – There is a massage parlour located on the second floor of the hotel and is approximately 20 Euros for an hour. Like the Tailor, it is best to book this in advance as the masseuse is not always available.

Barber Shop and Beauty Salon – located on the first floor of the hotel. Get yourself a DPRK style haircut and blend in with the locals.

Bars – Each floor has a bar, but our personal favourite is the one located on the 6th floor that serves up Taedonggang Beer.

Staying at the Pyongyang Hotel

While we don’t stay here on any of our group tours to North Korea it is certainly possible to arrange to stay here on an Independent Tour.

The Pyongyang Hotel Restaraunt is also where we hold our annual New Years Eve Banquet on our New Year’s Eve Party Tour.

If you want to stay in the heart of the city and away from big tour groups the Pyongyang Hotel is a great choice.