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North Korea – India Relations

North Korea – India relations are pretty good, and we are here to tell you why!

We have previously written about what allies North Korea has with most people assuming they only have China, and to a lesser extent Russia, bit, in fact, a number of countries have embassies in Pyongyang, one of whom is the Republic of India.

When did India recognize North Korea?

Indian and North Korean relations did not start all that well, with India being observers in the elections that never happened before the dividing of the Korean peninsula, as well as condemning the DPRK as the aggressor in the Korean War.

India eventually recognized the North Korean government in 1962, at a time when it was much more aligned to the Eastern Bloc, eventually starting full diplomatic relations in 1973, when India itself was experimenting with its own version of socialism.

They have both kept well-staffed embassies since then.

Is there much trade between North Korea and India?

Again China might be North Korea’s leading trading partner, but India comes in second. In 2018 India made up about 3.5 percent ($97 million) of North Korea’s exports and 3.1 percent ($97 million) of its imports, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Observatory of Economic Complexity.

This, as well as various food and medical aid, makes India and North Korean relations, not something to be sniffed at!

What do Indians think of North Korea?

Well, we can’t speak for all Indians, but in one poll, 23% had a favourable view, whilst 27% had an unfavourable opinion, quite what the other half think I honestly do not know…

Can Indians go to North Korea?

Indians can and most definitely do go to North Korea! With India emerging as a BRICS power and its citizens having much more spending power, we have certainly noticed a welcome spike in interest from our Indian friends!

Who do you get from India to North Korea?

The classic way would be to take one of the many flights from India to Beijing and then transfer to an Air Koryo flight to Pyongyang. There are no direct India – North Korea flights (yet).

Of course, that would be the easiest way, but the most fun way would be to travel overland via Nepal, and Tibet, before taking the train to Xi’an, maybe stopping in Kangbashi, before finally arriving in Beijing to hop on the train to Pyongyang!

See you in Pyongyang!