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Eating at Kai Bar – Papua New Guinea

Kai Bar might sound like some trendy bar with carp in the middle, but in Papua New Guinea Kai Bar is a street food sensation. 

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So, what is Kai Bar, what do they sell and where can you get one? Well luckily YPT have all the answers you might need!

What is Papua New Guinea cuisine?

We will give Papua New Guinea cuisine its own article at some point, but it is basically a marriage of two things. Local produce, of which things like kaukau, taro and cassava are mainstays, fresh fruit and mumu, food cooked in an earth even.

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On the flip side the cuisine is heavily influenced by that of Australia, there are meat pies, there are chips and even the humble saveloy! Don;t get me started on saveloys!

Usually you will find local markets and restaurants serving the former, while supermarkets and foreign restaurants serve the later. Well Kai Bar fits snugly in the middle.

What is Kai Bar then?

Kai Bar Papua New Guinea is not one brand, nor is it a chain. It is something put outside of a restaurant to denote its fast-food credentials. Basically and to make things simple they resemble street food vendors mixed with a fish and chip shop, with the glass counters howling what is on offer. 

And what is on offer? Well they have chips, saveloys and sweet potato, beef curry, coconut chicken, fried chicken, or well whatever that particular vendor decodes that he wants to make. 

You then either eat at the Kai Bar, or go along your merry way to eat it Roy Kroc style!

We personally went to eat it at roundhouse washed down with piar wara, which you can read about here.

How much does Kai Bar cost?

In a country as expensive as Papua New Guinea it is always great to find a bargain, in this respects Kai Bar offers great prices with a big full plate costing around $5, or so, with it being more, or less depending on how much you decide to knock back.

So, for bang for your buck eat at kai Bar in Papua New Guinea!

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