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Best Papua New Guinea foods you have to try

Papua New Guinea foods might not be the first thing you think about when traveling to the country, nut the quality of PNG cuisine may well surprise you. Here’s the YPT guide onw hat to eat in PNG.

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Best Food in Papua New Guinea

So while not exactly a culinary powerhouse fabulous local ingredients, tribal cooking practices and even British, German and Australian influences have all had their input on the cuisine of Papua New Guinea. 

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Overall this had led to the cuisine of Papua New Guinea being both simple, but also eclectic, with tastes and flavours deepening deeply on which part of the country you are in and indeed the tribe in question. Inland for example pig is so valuable it issued to pay for weddings, while fish dishes can be amazing when you are by the sea.

Overall though you will not go hungry in PNG!

Eating Mumu in Papua New Guinea

A game changer of a dish. Technically can be any meat although wild pig is a the proper way to eat this. Word of warning the killing of the pig is absolutely brutal here with them literally beating it death, but after that it is buried underground and looked on heated rocks. Combine this with some sweet potato and yams and you have a truly great dish.

Best foods in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea foods

Eating Saveloy in Papua New Guinea

This one threw me little bit as I am a huge fan of the saveloy, a highly seasoned and very English sausage. I knew iy had made its way to Australia, but did not know you could find a smelly in Papua New Guinea. Turns out they are literally everywhere, very very cheap and a bit spicy as saveloys go. 

Papua New Guinea foods
Papua New Guinea foods

Eating eggs wrapped in lettuce in Papua New Guinea

I discovered this bad boy at Mount Hagen market with it costing just 25 cents for a fried egg wrapped in lettuce. Not exactly reinventing the wheel here, bit fabulous value and altogether very very salty!!!!

Fruit on a stick in Papua New Guinea

One of the best things about food in PNG is the amount of fruit that goes into Papua New Guinean cuisine. One particular favourite i found was tiny strawberries which are apparently famous literally wrapped around a stick and again just 50 cents a go. Super fresh super tasty and great value.

Eating Kaukau in Papua New Guinea

Kau kau is what they call sweet potato in PNG and they eat it with literally everything. This includes mumu and even with saveloys at one of th fabulous Kai Bar fas food joints.

Papua New Guinea foods
Papua New Guinea foods

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An absolute must when in PNG, but keep it mind it will make you bloated and gassy!!!!

Best Papua New Guinea foods hands – Honourable mentions!

AS with any list there are some that do not make the final cut, but there are definitely some honourable mentions here! One would be Papua New Guinea pie! Available from most supermarkets and obviously inspired by Australia, but dammed good. 

Another big hit for me was a PNG style stew that we had at a restaurant of our friend in Mount Hagen. I not have the name of this dish, but it was extremely good.

Papua New Guinea foods
Papua New Guinea foods

And that is our very short and sharp take on the best Papua New Guinea foods that you have to try. And as for the best drinks to try in Papua New Guinea? Well that will indeed get its very own list!

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