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8 Best drinks in Papua New Guinea you have to try

What are the best drinks in Papua New Guinea? Well we have already covered the best dishes in the country, so here are our suggestions for what to drink in the summer months in Mount Hagen.

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The 7 best drinks in Papua New Guinea

As with any list our best drinks in Papua New Guinea probably only just touches the sides and we may well increase it from seven, but for now this our list.

Solo Lemonade

This is actually an Australian drink and is supposed to based on old style lemon cordials served in the Aussie pub. Whatever the reasoning this is huge in Papua New Guinea and the soft-drink of choice. One of the best lemon sodas around and yes we can confirm it goes great with vodka.

Niuguinea Ice

Beer is far from cheap in PNG, but being local this is probably the best value one you can get. A nice smooth lager of the Australian ilk you can get this throughout the country and as the name suggests is great ice cold. For beers this is of the best drinks in Papua New Guinea.

Drinks in Papua New Guinea
Drinks in Papua New Guinea

Fresh juices in Papua New Guinea

As we mention when it comes to the food of Papua New Guinea fruit is a HUGE deal here. This means that some amazing fruit juices are made that are fresh as hell. Available throughout the markets of the country and cheap as hell.

Drinks in Papua New Guinea

Kokanas Wara

In case you need a lesson in Tok Pison the language of PNG then this means coconut water. Available at various stage son the development of the coconut with prices being based on quality. Therefore costs anything from 20 cents up. Available in the markets and everywhere else you need it. 

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Best Drinks in Papua New Guinea
Kokanas Wara

Gold Spot Soft Drinks

This locally manufactured soft-drink comes in a tray of flavours with cartooned orange, raspberry and lemon to name, but a few. As locally made fizzy pops go this is pretty damned good and again we can confirm that it goes very well with vodka!

Gold Spot PNG
Drinks in Ppua New Guinea -Gold Spot

Papua New Guineas Cola

Cola is a big deal in PNG with Coke and Pepsi both making their brands locally as well claiming to be the big kahunas in town. This led to Gold Star jumping in with GoGo Cola, which I first tried in 2019. At first it was not that great, but they seem to have improved it somewhat. OK its not coke, but it is better than your average North Korean cola!

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Papua New Guinea coffee

PNG makes a lot of coffee that it exports. When you drive around Mount Hagen you will see trucks galore moving the cherries. For me personally this was the first time I have seen a real coffee cherry, and I even tried one! Very sweet it was too. This means that there is great coffee to be had when you are in PNG!

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Drinks in Papua New Guinea
PNG fresh coffee

And the best drinks in Papua New Guinea is won by? Paia Wara!

Another entry that should get you picking up your Tok Pisin dictionary. If you filled the last entry you will know that wara means water, well paia means fire, so this is firewater. Locally made, cheap and super strong. This has such cultural significance there is even a song about it!

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Paia Wara

And that makes up the 8 best drinks in Papua New Guinea that you have to try? Let us know if we missed any out and better still come join us on our next tour

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