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Best Chinese Tours with YPT in 2025

In case you might have missed it YPT have reopened our office in China, in part to be prepared for North Korean tours to resume, but also in the interests of again offering Chinese tours.

And while we are still putting together dates and itineraries we can still list what we feel are our best Chinese tours, group and independent that YPT will be able to offer next tear.

Best Chinese Tours – Tibet

After the DPRK Tibet was the second place that YPT began running group tours to. To say we love it here would be an understatement and we again plan to have at least one yearly tour to Tibet.

And of course we will also be offering independent Tibet tours

Best Chinese Tours to Xinjiang and beyond!

Another firm favorite of both YPT guides and guests we are currently planning to have at least one Xinjiang Group Tours, as well as various trips tied in with our Central Asian Tours.

Another place that we will be offering a full range of independent tours to.

Chinese Tours to Dandong and beyond

Dandong is not only the gateway to North Korea, but also firmly a great destination in its own right. YPT also have an office here so consider ourselves somewhat experts.

Trips to Dandong can be combined with North Korea, or combined with other parts of the Borderlands. region, including Mount Paektu. FYI they also have great street food.

Kangbashi and Ordos

If you have not heard of these two places they are the most notorious of ghost, or unfinished towns/cities in China. YPT have since been offering tours here for many years and have even filming a movie.

We are hoping to have at least one, or two group tours here next year, as well as the ability to offer independent packages.

Best Red China Tours

At YPT we have a bit more than a passing interest in all things communist, which makes designing tours within China all the bit more interesting.

Our classic “Red China” tour has us going to places like Yanan, the hometown of Mao and even a commune where they are still (real) communists. This is another trip that can expended or picked apart in order to plan a bespoke communist tour.

Best Chinese Business Tours

Something that we were going to launch in 2020, but then that whole bat eating disease stopped us all from getting on planes. This trip was not just aimed at people wanting to duo business in China, but also those just interested in the process.

As such the trip took us to Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen as well as s number of factories for a little look.

China overland?

Perhaps our most ambitious plan though is to do China overland and almost as a circle. This would have starting and finishing in Hong Kong. In between we would take in the sites of standard places like Xian and Chengdu, while also adding YPT specials like Kangbashi.

Ideally this could also have us taking a very brief Ultra-Budget Tour to North Korea.

While we are working on these ones you can keep an eye on our dedicated China Tours page.

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