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Best Cambodian Websites for 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, or better still moving to the Kingdom then there are a lot of websites that will make your life a damned sight easier. Therefore we present the Best Cambodian Websites for 2023. 

Making this least was no mean feat and there are obviously a few that nearly made the list and others we felt were not worthy. Please do though get in touch if you feel we missed what you feel is one of the best Cambodian websites, unless of course you work for Khmer Times…

Best Cambodian apps for 2023

Apps and websites are often one and the same, so the following are either dual app/websites or simply apps. They are though in our mind the best Cambodian apps for 2023 in our humble opinion.

Best Cambodian Taxi apps

There’s actually a whole heap of Taxi Apps in Cambodia, but there are only two of importance. If you are in Phnom Penh, or Sihanoukville then it is GrabTaxi, but if you out in the boonies then you will need to use. PassApp. In Phnom Penh and Siem Reap there is also Tada, but it is not as useful as the other two. There is no Uber in Cambodia.

Grab can be linked to your local, or foreign card, while PassApp relies almost exclusively on cash. If you are out in the countryside neither will work and you will need cash.

To read about the best Taxi apps click here.

Best food delivery apps in Cambodia

I can’t remember if I have written this one up, or not yet, but another example where there are a ton of different options, but only two real players namely Food Panda and Nhum24

For vendors Food Panda is probably better, while for the consumer Nham24 tends to be that bit cheaper, generally anyway. At the end of the day, follow the ones offering the best deals. Phnom Penh also offers far more variety than there is in other cities.

Best Payment app

This will depend hugely on if you have a business, or a work visa, which we will cover in the next link, but generally speaking Wing if you don’t have a visa, or ABA if you do have one. 

To read about banking in Cambodia on a tourist visa click here

Best Cambodian Websites for 2023

So, with food and transport dealt with we can move on to more web based platforms, some f which have apps, others do not, but all are relevant, or at least a little bit useful.

Best News Website in Cambodia

If you want to to read about daily Covid numbers then it is all about Khmer Times – who I will not be linking to, with Phnom Penh Post offering similar. The best news website for the socially upward who are looking for a good time though is Khmer Nights, who I write for. They also cover football, such as Next Step FC the club YPT proudly sponsor.

To read about YPT sponsoring Next Step FC click here.

Best business news website in Cambodia

While all of the above have a business section the only website strictly decimated to business is Cambodia Investment Review, who again I have some bias for as I also write for them.

They cover a bunch of other topics too, for example travel, tourism and even sport. You can read one of the fine pieces that I wrote here.

Best business consultancy website in Cambodia

With regards to the business theme, there are a few decent options, such as B2b-Cambodia and a few others. Why have we included this as a website thing? Basically it is really easy to open a company in Cambodia, easier than anywhere else in the region, so if you are looking to do business Cambodia truly is a great place.

For this we recommend Aquarii Business Development who as well as offering a number of business consultancy services, also have an inline classified and businesses for sale section.

You can check out their website here.

Best travel planning website for Cambodia

Not an actual Cambodian website, but one we simply love regardless. Rome2Rio is a site that allows you to put in two destinations than gives you the options of the different ways to get from one to the other. As in from Rome to Rio for example. I recently used this to get myself from Bangkok to Cambodia and it worked a treat!

To read about getting from Bangkok to Poipet click click here

Best Real-Estate Website in Cambodia

If you are moving to Cambodia then you will need to either rent, or buy a property in Cambodia. Most things like this tend to be done via Facebook, but you should be careful with this as there are literally quite a lot of cowboys out there.

Best Cambodian websites
Best Cambodian Websites

In this respect you should look out for reliable trustworthy companies. In this respects the best Cambodian website for real estate is Lux Realty. They have deals with great properties available for purchase, as well as having a great portfolio of rental properties in all the main cities.

Best wCambodian website for property – check out Lux here

Best Cambodian Sports Websites

Sport is relatively big deal in Cambodia, with their being football, rugby and a whole heap of other sport scenes here. The best overall sports website is Cambodia Sports Review, but there are also some great Facebook pages, such as Kingdom of Football.

If though your penchant is to watch the beautiful game then we recommend checking out our friends at Next Step FC.

To read about watching football in Cambodia click here

Best Cambodian Recruitment Company

Next Step International is the one-stop-shop for living and working in Cambodia, connecting international talent with employers and providing full integrated relocation services to make the move easy.

Next Step was founded because of the need for skilled talent in the country. Many don’t know it, but Cambodia is home to a rapidly developing economy and Next Step aims to connect businesses in the Kingdom to help drive its growing sectors to the next level.

The opportunities with Next Step are aimed at go-getters, who want to be part of not only developing themselves and their career but sharing their expertise in the fast-moving sectors which will define Cambodia’s future.

Next Step’s international was founded by people who have moved to live and work in Cambodia, so they have lived experiences of what it takes to make the move.

You can check out their site here.

Best Cambodian Travel website 

And last, but indeed by no means least we finish with good old YPT. Young Pioneer Tours are now experts at group and independent tours to Cambodia!

You can read about our independent tours here

And that sums up our best Cambodian websites for 2022, did we miss any out?

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