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Sri Lanka Independent Tours

Introduction Sri Lanka is not exactly off the beaten path, but its recent civil war history and quirky travel opportunities mean it is a place we do enjoy running tours to. Sri Lanka can of course be travelled independently, but if you need that extra bit of comfort in your planning and want to get […]

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Eritrea Independent Tours

Introduction to Eritrea Let’s start by introducing the background of our Eritrea Independent Tours. Formerly an Italian colony, before becoming a federal part of Ethiopia, Eritrea has had a somewhat rocky history. After essentially being annexed by the Ethiopians, what followed was a long and bitter struggle for independence led by ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front). […]

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Burkina Faso Independent Tours

Introduction Burkina Faso is a lesser-known landlocked country in western Africa. Made up of a Savanna that is grassy in the north and slowly gives way to sparse forests that define the country’s southern areas, this country is a former colony of France that did not gain independence until 1960 under the name of the […]

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Morocco Independent Tours

Introduction to Morocco Morocco is a nation firmly on the African tourist trail, but this nation known as the “gateway to Africa” still has a ton to offer prospective travellers entering its borders. Defined by vast sweeping deserts, ancient cities steeped in lore and mystery, extraordinary mountain ranges, and the Morrocan people’s warm hospitality, there […]

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Egypt Independent Tours

Introduction to Egypt Egypt is one of the most recognisable travel destinations in the world. From the bustling streets of the ancient capital of Cairo to the mighty Nile River and the awe-inspiring towering pyramids and monuments that loom over the desert, it is easy to see why so many have fallen in love with […]

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Mauritania Independent Tours

Introduction Traditionally inhabited by Berber nomads, the contemporary history of Mauritania has been somewhat interesting. At the start of the 20th century the country became part of the French Empire, before gaining independence in 1960. Its history since then has involved one-party rule, numerous military coups and the ongoing conflict in Western Sahara. Nowadays the […]

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Top 4 Independent YPT Soviet Tours Available During COVID-19

Introduction Since we opened our dedicated Soviet Europe office over two years ago, our European Soviet tour section has expanded massively. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and from the Balkan Mountains to the Caucasus mountains, there are few places in Europe we can’t take you. One of the hidden gems of our […]

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Iraqi Kurdistan Independent Tours

We here at YPT have been running multiple annual group tours to Iraqi Kurdistan for many years now. We’ve accumulated years of experience and gained hundreds of contacts in the region which has now put us in the position to be able to offer the best tailored made independent tours to Kurdistan for the lowest […]

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Independent Tours to Albania

YPT has been visiting Albania with our Eurasian Adventure, Balkan Badlands, and private tours for a number of years. With Pioneer Media, we also worked on a US horror movie for a number of months in the country. So it’s fair to say, we’re the go to experts when it comes to this underrated country […]

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Independent Tours to Bulgaria

As our European office is based in the Black Sea city of Varna, we are the go-to experts on alternative travel to Bulgaria! YPT offers over 2 affordable regular scheduled tours through the year and private, custom trips 365 days a year. But as well as our range of group tours, we also run completely […]

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