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Hotels of North Korea: Air Koryo Kobangsan Hotel


Not to be mixed up with the Kobangsan Hotel, which is a separate hotel owned by a different state-owned company and located only 10 minutes down the road. The Air Koryo Kobangsan Hotel owned by Air Koryo, the national airliner of North Korea, was built in 2014 and opened to foreigners visitors in 2018. The hotel is classed as a deluxe hotel with personal service and English speaking staff.

Air Koryo Kobangsan Hotel Location

The Air Koryo Kobangsan Hotel is located along the Taedong River 20km northeast of Pyongyang and a short drive from Pyongyang International Airport. The hotel grounds are massive and immaculate. The largest we’ve ever seen in the country. It includes a lake and an artificial waterfall for ambience. Whilst it’s possible to arrange your stay at this hotel, they can also provide for functions or private events and cater everything from music, food, drinks and entertainment.


The hotel is four floors in total with 40 large guest rooms available with twin beds and single queen beds each with a view overlooking the lawns or lake at the front of the hotel. As you enter the hotel, you’ll notice the Air Koryo logo above the entrance and Air Koryo model planes hung in the lobby.

The hotel has billiards, ping pong, two restaurants, two bars and a café. It is possible to rent a boat and take it for a spin on the river or to use it for fishing. I recommend bringing your own tackle gear but they are able to provide some basic rods and hooks.

In 2020 renovation to the hotel grounds was underway as they included a horse riding track and horse stable since horse riding in North Korea become quite popular since news broke worldwide of Kim Jong Un riding his horse to Mt. Paektu.

This hotel for those looking for privacy and room to roam around. Contact us and we can arrange your stay at the Air Koryo Kobangsan Hotel

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