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Hotels of North Korea: Kobangsan Hotel


The Kobangsan Hotel, also known as Kobangsan Guesthouse or spelt as Gobangsan, is the most secret hotel in North Korea for foreign guests. Opened during the 2000s and renovated in 2011, this guesthouse was used to only accommodate government leaders and delegates. It’s said to have housed Mike Pompeo and Dennis Rodman during his last visit to Pyongyang.

It is still quite common to meet US NGOs at the Kobangsan Hotel who are regularly visiting North Korea. In 2017 the hotel was opened to foreign tourists but at a high price – the highest in North Korea.

Kobangsan Hotel Location

The Kobangsan Hotel is 20km north east of Pyongyang and resides along the Taedong River giving incredibly beautiful and calm riverside views. Due to the remoteness of the hotel it gives visitors extra peace of mind of avoiding other tourists and having the chance to meet some rather special delegations usually from South East Asia and Africa who are visiting Pyongyang.

The hotel is kept in miraculous order with the large lawns neatly trimmed and every inch of space within the hotel dust free.

Kobangsan Hotel Rooms & Facilities

The hotel has limited facilities available to guests staying. A long swimming pool, a bowling alley with one lane, and a billiards room are available. Each activity comes at extra cost. The hotel has two floors and is built around a centered bar on the ground floor. The bar is well stoked and fairly well priced.

It is possible to rent a boat and take it for a spin on the Taedong River for 25 euros. Fishing can also be arranged on the boat.

There are standard rooms, suites, deluxe and the presidential VIP suite. Each room is more incredibly spacious than the pervious. Too spacious though when it comes to the deluxe rooms. The standard rooms have a large TV, office desk, a resting chair, two twin beds and an attached bathroom with a joint bathtub and shower.

Unfortunately, the breakfast is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced in Pyongyang which is disappointing as standard rooms start from 90 euros per night on top of tour costs. Spam ham, cucumber and tomatoes with stale bread and bland scrambled eggs.

If you’re looking for absolute privacy during your stay in Pyongyang and would like to experience something unique, contact us and we can arrange your accommodation at the Kobangsan Hotel during your independent tour

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