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Young Pioneer Tours is an adventure travel company formed in 2008 and based in mainland China. Specialising in travel to North Korea, we are an adventure tour operator that provides “budget tours to destinations your mother would rather you stayed away from”.

We are renowned and rated as one of the best tour operators to the DPRK (North Korea) with our unparalleled experience, fun way of doing things, and most importantly, excellent relations in country; this makes us the best choice for your Korea tour.

As well as seeing the must see sights in Pyongyang and visiting the DMZ, we provide tours to various locations within North Korea. So whether you’re looking to compete in the Pyongyang Marathon, experience the spectacular sights of Mt Paektu, ski at the world class Masikryong Ski resort, explore the extreme North East of the country, or visit Rason city – North Korea’s only Special Economic Zone, we have itineraries to suit all travellers.

Aside from the DPRK, we travel to a number of other destinations such as Iran, Cuba, China, Antarctica, Iraq, and other former Soviet countries. All our tours are founded on the YPT ethos of fun, thrill seeking and adventure at a great price. All ages welcomed!

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North Korea travel update: Monday 12th January 2015

We have been working closely with our partners in North Korea in regards to when the current Ebola travel restriction will be lifted, and tourism to the DPRK will resume as normal. We are expecting the borders to reopen very soon within the coming weeks.

As of Friday the 24th of October 2014, tourists from any countries, regardless of where they have recently visited, are temporarily suspended from entering North Korea as a strict measure of protection against the recent Ebola outbreak. We will continue to take new bookings as usual and we are confident that this is a temporary ban to give the DPRK authorities a chance to implement screening measures to protect against the introduction of Ebola in the DPRK.

We will update news on our homepage, Facebook and Twitter as soon as we receive any new information.