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Back in the USSR: YPT’s Russia 2020 line-up

The largest country on earth made up of 21 Republics, with 11 time zones, 35 different languages and a mass of various cultures and ethnicities – not to mention being the heart of the USSR – it’s no secret that Russia holds a special place in our hearts at YPT Soviet Europe. We’ve been running tours to Russia for a number of years. Irrespective of politics, we’ve continued to work in Russia through the tough times since 2014 and continue to do so. In 2020, we’re proud to announce a range of new tours and travel opportunities to Russia!

All of our tours can be joined as part of a scheduled group tour or customized and organised privately for any dates. Whatever you want to do in Russia, YPT have the contacts and experience to make it happen – as always, with the YPT ethos of an unbeatable price – unforgettable travel experiences and the 24 hour services of a multilingual YPT guide and local team.

Revolutionary Russia Tour

It’s no secret that the majority of organised tours to the Russian Federation are vastly overpriced. So we decided to design a YPT-style Russian adventure. We bring you our ultimate Soviet Russia tour at a price even Lenin would be proud of!

Beginning at the heart of the revolution, Saint Petersburg, we’ll trace the footsteps of Lenin, Stalin and other revolutionaries of the Bolshevik uprising, we will then explore the incredible Tsarist-era history of Russia’s northern capital. In Moscow, we’ll explore this metropolis and see the fascinating architecture and see Lenin himself at the mausoleum on Red Square! We’ll also pay a visit to the world-famous Kubinka Tank Museum.

After Moscow, we begin our epic journey eastwards toward Siberia, first hitting up the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan with its beautiful mosques and distinct Islamic culture. In Ulyanovsk, the hometown of Lenin, we’ll visit the home and memorial centre of the big man and revel in Soviet nostalgia. We’ll cross the Volga and visit Izhvesk where we’ll visit the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle Centre and even see polar bears!

Heading deep into the Ural Mountains to reach Yekaterinburg, we’ll see where the 300-year-old Romanov dynasty met a bloodthirsty end at the site of the killing and the infamous pit where the bodies were disposed of. We’ll then see the remains of the city’s Soviet history and round off at the monument of the official border between Europe and Asia. We’ll then round off on a final epic train journey back to Moscow!

This tour is the end of an epic trip which takes us through the most exciting parts of the Soviet Union and is only €995!

South Ossetia National Day

After constant research trips and negotiations, YPT are proud to bring you the ultimate tour to the breakaway state of South Ossetia. Despite being the most difficult to enter out of all four post-Soviet breakaway countries, YPT are able to obtain expedited entry permits for the republic. Only around 500 non-Russian tourists have visited South Ossetia since 1993. All that is required for this tour is a double-entry Russian visa; YPT will take care of all the breakaway state formalities.

Beginning in the Russian capital of Moscow, we’ll see all the main Soviet sights in the city before beginning an epic train journey through the heart of Southern Russia to Vladikavkaz, the gateway to the Caucasus! Here we’ll see all the local sights, from Soviet monuments to harrowing terrorist attack sites. From here we’ll cross through the Caucasus Mountains to South Ossetia to check out the capital city of Tskhinvali, take part in their Independence Day celebrations featuring one of the last Soviet style military parades left in the world and travel to the war-torn city of Leningor, checking out Soviet monuments, local culture and ancient history on the way.

We’re also able to organise private tours throughout the year and obtain entry visas on request. Our group tour is the cheapest way to see South Ossetia, priced at just €795.

Stalingrad and Chechnya Extension

Our new Chechnya and Stalingrad extension can either be run as an addition immediately after our South Ossetia tour or privately throughout the year. Our first stop will be the Capital of the Chechen Republic, Grozny, once labelled as the most destroyed city on the planet after the vicious civil war which engulfed the republic for almost two decades. During that period, Chechnya was deemed as the most dangerous place on earth for a number of years. Today, it has seen the war brought to an end through the iron-fisted reign of the Kadyrov regime and a rebuilt Grozny has been called ‘the Dubai of the Caucasus’. We’ll be led by a local guide through this fascinating and often surreal city to try local Chechen food, visit the Kadyrov centre dedicated to the regime, ascend to the helipad of Grozny business centre, visit the local bazaars and much more!

After Chechnya, we’ll board a train North through the volatile republic of Dagestan to the site of the most brutal battle in human history and the turning point of WW2: Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad! After a relaxing day on the train, we’ll hit the ground running with a tour of this once-decimated city by visiting one of the world’s best WW2 museums with a whole host of relics. We’ll also descend into the former command bunker of Freidrich Von Paulus himself and visit the huge complex of Rodina Mat. The next day we’ll journey out to the Volga Don Canal and see where Operation Uranus sealed the fate of the German 6th Army, and also see an enormous Soviet monument commemorating the event. We’ll then visit the biggest statue of Vladimir Lenin on earth and enjoy lunch in a Soviet airplane and much more!

The most unbeatable price to see Chechnya and Stalingrad, priced at only €440!

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