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What is it like to Visit Kyiv in 2024?

Despite being the capital of a country very much at war, some semblance of normality has returned to the city. So, what is it like to visit Kyiv in 2024?

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Is it safe to visit Kyiv in 2024?

Of course with questions of safety we suggest checking with someone like the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKFCO).

You can check out the UKFCO here

We also though have our own opinion. In many ways Kyiv is currently in some respects safer than visiting many western cities, with San Francisco in particular springing to mind.

The reality is that the streets are safe and as my local friend put it “It is sad to say, but you know we get used to it”.

That is not to say that there is no danger though. Planes do fly above, there are air raid sirens going off and as a country at war no one knows what could happen. Life though is going on.

Again much like anything dangers can also be massively mitigated. Things that do get struck in Kyiv tend me military in nature, so avoid them.

Visiting Kiev in 2024

Leaving out the seasonal element visiting Kiev in 2024 is a very surreal affair. On our personal arrival to the city we were greeted to fabulous weather, but also air raid sirens going off.

Alas while this would scare most folks, in Kyiv life just goes on. And while a few people do move underground, the vast majority simply just got on with life.

And yes there are still hotels, lots of hotels.

Hotels in Kyiv 2024

There are still a bunch of hotels open in Kyiv, but not much of a hostel scene. Hotels again have not been targeted during the invasion, but all still have an emergency protocol should things go south.

It is unlikely you will have to use an air-raid shelter or bunker, but yes they do exist. We personally use the same hotel near the Maidan Square which we have since the good old day of Chernobyl Tours.

Kyiv Nightlife/Kiev Nightlife in 2024

When you visit Kiev in 2024 you would think that the war would have stopped the nightlife, but quite the contrary. Some of the best bars of old are still here, not to mention some great new ones.

In fact drinking seems to be the thing to do for most in the evenings, although there is a midnight curfew in pace. This means bars close a 10, to give people the chance to clean and get hime, much like in Lviv and other Ukrainian towns.

And the best bars in Kyiv in 2024? I will be bias and say my friends Brazilian/Ukrainian bar Sao Miguel, Bar Stoyanka, which has great shots and Wunderbar, which is where you can literally get your head set on fire…..

I will duly give this its own blog at some point.

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Is it ethical to visit Kiev in 2024?

Yes it is. Most people tend to sit on the Ukrainian camp here, but even if you are neutral, or pro-Russia to visit Kyiv, or Kiev is about seeing people, understanding what is going on and boosting the economy of the city. This is good old fashioned people to people exchange.

Whether you should, or if you view it as safe is a question only you can answer.

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