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Chernobyl does not need too much introduction, but it was here in 1986 that the biggest nuclear accident in history occurred, forcing the people of Pripyat to flee and causing death and destruction in its wake. Modern Chernobyl and Pripyat is now the poster child for what is often termed “dark tourism”.

We have been safely taking people into the Zone for almost seven years. We tailor make all of our trips, and our contacts in the area means we are often allowed to visit lesser seen parts of one of the most interesting and eerie places on the planet. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and surrounding areas are safe to visit. The levels of radiation on guided tours are relatively small; radiation levels in most places are less than those of being in an aircraft flying at 30,000 ft.

Travel to Chernobyl necessitates going to Kiev, and all of our tours make the most of this, by not only seeing the best sites but also taking you on a few crazy nights out in Kiev. Most of our group tours to Chernobyl offer the opportunity to visit the breakaway unrecognized country of Transnistria, or if our dates do not match yours, then let us tailor make the perfect independent trip to Chernobyl.  If our group tour dates to Chernobyl do not match yours we can arrange both day trip and overnight independent travel to Chernobyl, simply contact us to arrange a quote.

Our Chernobyl tours are run to a high degree of professionalism. Chernobyl is unique to the world we aim to provide a one of a kind, personal experience of the exclusion zone that is not possible to gain from generic group tours. Our itineraries are a sample of what will be seen on our tours, if time and daylight hours allow, we will pack in more locations and activities. The sights listed may not be visited in the order of the itinerary, as we change the schedule in order to avoid clashing with other tour groups to provide the ultimate, isolated Chernobyl experience.

All tours include:

  • Lunch at the Chernobyl workers restaurant
  • Professionally trained, English Speaking Guide appointed by the Ukrainian government
  • Return transport
  • Obligatory Insurance
  • Registration and Permits for the exclusion zone