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How to get from Lviv to Kyiv in 2024?

While traveling between cities in a country at war might not be everyones cup of tea getting from Lviv to Kyiv is for the most part easy, relatively quick and to an extent safe.

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Take the fast train

For our group we took the fast train in and the slow train out. The fast train is super comfortable leaves at 12.20 and takes 8 hours. It is extremely modern, but severely lacking in charm when compared to the old Soviet rolling stock.

No wifi on board, but they did have a restaurant cart that saved hotdogs and beer in brown paper bag, for that true hobo experience.

Another rather sad experience of this train was seeing families see of solider fathers. Leaving loved ones is always hard, but leaving to go to war must be unimaginable.

Taking the sleeper train from Lviv – Kiev – Kyiv – Lviv

Given a choice I will always bolt for the sleeper train and on the way back that is exactly what I did. The train left Kyiv at 9.40 and arrived at 6.50. Not my ideal train journey, as I do like to sleep in, but welcome  after my birthday drinks.

Proper old Soviet train, with smoking possible for the brave…..

On this occasion I did not check out the restaurant cart.

And of course you can drive from Lviv to Kyiv

You can of course lastly take a car, or bus from Lviv to Kiev. This would run you a bit longer than the fast train, but also offers beautiful scenery at a slower pace.

This is also the MO for journalist that travel to Ukraine in 2024 by and large.

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On arrival in Kyiv you might be greeted by an air raid siren Luke we was, but hey you roll with the punches.

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