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Reviewing the 2023-24 Least Visited Countries Tour

After almost 30 days, moved flights, cancelled flights and at least one person ending up in hospital the 2023-24 Least Visited Countries Tour is finally over. So, how did it go, will we run it again and what are our future plans?

This is the LVCT review……

A trip that seemed like it would never end and for me personally my 6th go at this iteration of things (the tour changes each year). And while it was certainly the most complicated and stressful we have run, it was also far and away the most successful…

2023-24 Least Visited Countries Route

We started in Palau before going to, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Fiji, Tuvalu, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Cook Islands, and finally the Solomon Islands.

Although this was split over 4 groups, with the size varying from 11-26 (inclusive of guides).

Were there any problems on the 2023-24 Least Visited Countries Tour

Of course, there were! We had flights cancelled, we had local companies try to change the rules of the game, but no matter what was thrown at us we always had some kind of response or solution.

This is where being a travel agent, and indeed booking as a group comes in very handy. We certainly witnessed more than one person who did not have this same luxury…..

Overall though everyone and we mean everyone was happy with the YPT 2023-24 Least Visited Countries Tour.

What were the highlights of the tour?

We personally love this tour and the region as whole, so for us there were many highlights, this included Island Hopping In Palau, Christmas in Nauru, as well as new Years in our favourite country, Tuvalu.

We also got to take in a new country, namely the Cook Islands, although whether this counts as a country is a is not one for us to answer – at least for now.

And the 2024-025 Least Visited Countries Tour?

We are not only working on this, but also a summer LVCT jaunt for 2024. And this is separate to our beta “Paradise Found” tour we are working on.

Will the tour change? Yes, most probably due to logistical reasons, as well as including places like Vanuatu if we can.

Whatever happens though, we will be back to the Pacific islands with bells on….

Click the link for the Least Visited Countries Tour.

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