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Underrated Finland – 10 Things You Need to Check Out!

Finland is among the most northern and geographically remote countries in the world. Whilst not in Eastern Europe, it is a mix between beautiful and wild nature, modern architecture, unique language, and amazing cuisine! But there are many underrated Finland facts many people don’t know about, read on to find out!

10. Largest Lake District

As we already mentioned, underrated Finland has some breathtaking nature! If you are up for some adventure, this is definitely the place for you. Finland is home to the largest lake district in Europe. It has 188 000 lakes in total.

“Finland is the land of the thousand lakes”

With many places where you can stay overnight, you can go hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. If you want to take it to the next level, then you can even go river rafting near the Eastern border of Finland.

9. Finland Has The Most Forests in Whole Europe

While Finland is known for its numerous lakes, it is also the country with the most forests in whole Europe! Over 70 percent of its territory is taken over by forests. This includes even the major cities which are surrounded by pine and birch trees all around.

If you are after some peace and quiet then you can be sure that you will find it in Finland. You can go skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, or berry or mushroom picking in the autumn! Regardless of the season, the forests stay just as green and beautiful throughout the whole year.

8. Underrated Finland and Ice Hockey!

Speaking of sports and activity, ice hockey takes a primary place in Finland’s sports scene. Their national team is one of the third-best in the world. In 2019, the country won once again the ice hockey world championship.

Moreover, ice hockey is also the most viewed and the most attended sport in the country. A lot of children are likely to play it in school. The love for the sport can be seen in the 2019 victory celebrations that saw Naked Hockey and Champagne Showers in Helsinki. The scenes added to the list of what is Finland famous for!

7. Finland has the Cleanest Air in Europe

Due to its extraordinary number of lakes, Finland also has the cleanest tap water! Healthy and ecologically friendly, can it get better? Actually, it really can. The region of Lapland, located in the very north side of the country, has the cleanest air in Europe.

However, this is also a result of the lack of cars and pollution since there are no industries in its proximity. So if you’re looking for a break from smog and pollution, perhaps a vacation to Finland is just what you need!

6. Underrated Finland Has Santa Claus!

There is something else that Lapland is famous for and that is Santa Claus! You can meet the real Santa Claus in the city of Rovaniemi where he currently lives. His official hometown is only about 8 kilometers away.

If you want to make your experience even more authentic, hop on the husky and reindeer sleigh rides! Surrounded by snow and neverending forests, you will feel like you are in a fairytale.

5. Saunas Are a Must

If you were not born in Finland, having a sauna at your house might sound very luxorious. However, this is not the case for Finland. While the Netherlands has more bikes than people, Finland has more saunas than cars! With a population of 5.5 million, Finland has over 3 million of saunas.

The use of saunas in the country is deeply rooted in the country’s culture and traditions. Due to their excessive amount, they are definately not difficult to find. If you want to enjoy the full experience, you might also want to have a drink when you get out.

4.High-Rated Education System

Yet there is another thing that Finland excels at and that is its education system. In 2019, it won first place in the list of World Best Education Systems. In comparison to other countries, Finland is unique when it comes to education.

The Finnish educational system differs quite a bit from the standard educational system in most countries. The children have less tests, less homework and more free time. Apparently, this mix actually seem to be working quite well for their overall success. Moreover, the education is completely free.

3. First in Giving Women the Right to Vote

Finland is the first country in Europe to give women the right to vote. Women were already able to vote back in 1906, while in Switzerland they were only given this right in 1971 – only 50 years ago. Meanwhile, back in 2003 the country also became the only European country with women as both president and prime minister.

2. Underrated Finland has the Biggest Coffee Lovers

Finns are regarded as the nation with the highest coffee consumption per capita. It is officialy estimated that the average person in Finland consumes around 12 kg of coffee per year!

Their love for coffee is also supported by a lot of Finnish employers who give their employees not one but two special coffee breaks. This European nation’s love of coffee can only be matched by the equal adoration for the beverage in Bosnia. The latter being a country ranked 11th for coffee consumption on earth!

1. The Northern Lights

Also known as “the Land of the Midnight Sun”, Finland is the best place to see the northern lights. They appear on over 200 nights of the year and if you visit in the winter, it is most certainly that you will see them!

While you can also see them in other countries, Lapland is so secluded that it provides you with privacy while you do it. Therefore, if your goal is to see the magnificent Aurora Borealis, travel to the area around the village of Kilpisjärvi where you can see them best!

So, that is underrated Finland! We feel we have covered almost everything you need to check out this fascinating land. While Finland has so much more to offer, we hope these 10 facts gave you some key knowledge about the country. To visit Finland with us, it can be done on a private extension from Estonia on our Soviet Baltics tour!

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