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Mauritania Travel Guide


Although many of us tend to look at countries that are generally off the beaten track, travellers often fail to consider the countries in West Africa for their next destination. So if you’re interested in nomadic hospitality or the longest train in the world, then Mauritania might just be the place for you.

Visa to Mauritania

There are around 9 countries that are exempt from having a visa when entering Mauritania. All other countries do require a tourist visa, which you can obtain at arrival at Nouakchott International Airport, Nouadhibou Airport or when entering from Western Sahara.. To save you the hassle of hours standing in line, however, we recommend that you apply for a visa at your local embassy.

The visa costs roughly 55 Euros, or 60 USD, paid in cash. It is also important to consider that your passport’s validity must be 3-6 months from the date of entry into Mauritania. 

Get In

By flight

The main base for international flights is Nouakchott International Airport, which is located only around 20 minutes drive from the city. Nouadhibou Airport receives flights coming from Gran Canaria and is located 4km away from the city. 

By boat

The main port is in Nouadhibou, while there is another smaller one located at Nouakchott. It is also possible to travel from St. Louis in Senegal.

By train

Although Mauritania is famous for having the world’s longest and heaviest train, there are no trains that run from Mauritania to its neighbouring countries.

By road/car

There are several points of entry for people travelling from Western Sahara, Mali or Senegal. The first two are not recommended due to general safety concerns. Why not join us on our Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania Overland Tour and let us handle that? 

If a private journey by car or bicycle is not for you, there are also options involving taking the bus or bush taxi from either Morocco, Senegal or Mali. 

See & Do In Mauritania

Iron train

This is probably the highlight of any tour to Mauritania! If you have never had the chance to sleep under stars moving through the Saharan desert on an iron train, then this is your sign. 

Cap Blanc

While Cap Blanc is infamous for their monk seal colony, it would really be your lucky day should you be able to spot one. However, catching the sight of a few monk seals is nothing compared to this cape’s intense beauty. On your way back to the city you might just catch a glance at the iron train passing by! 

Port de Pêche

If you’re looking for a place where you really are able to witness everyday Mauritanian life, then this fishermen port in Nouakchott will be worth your time. The port showcases thousands of colourful pirogues which each take about a whole week to build.  

Moroccan Western Sahara Wall

Whether you arrived in Mauritania by flight, boat or car you should make the detour to witness the longest minefield in the world. Separating the Moroccan border and an area controlled by the Sahrawi, this barrier showcases the severity of this fight for independence. 


Nicknamed by Young Pioneer Tours as the Pompeii of Mauritania was originally a city founded by Berbers. It is now a mixture of old ruins and the homes of around 4,000 people. 

The Agrour Cave Paintings

Great for anyone with a particular interest in history but they are stunning to anyone else. These prehistoric paintings date back 5,000 years! 

Spend the night in Terjit Oasis

The oasis offers you an amazing view of the clear night sky and the fresh outdoor feels. You will be able to sleep in the bungalows attached to the oasis. 

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