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What kind of adventures can I have in Malta?

If you are interested in traveling to Malta, you should read this article to get the best out of it. It may not be what you are expecting.

Figuring out where to stay in Malta is one of the most important decisions you will need to make initially, along with how you will travel and what kinds of visa and documentation you need.

The following article will give you some things to do in Malta that you cannot miss.

San Simon Church

The first thing you should do in Malta is to visit the island’s most famous landmark – the San Simon Church. This is located on Santo Domingo Island in the Bay of Paphos. It is one of the most beautiful churches in all of Europe.

Its steeple rises about eighty feet to the sea’s surface, offering spectacular views of the beautiful surroundings. It was built in 1540 and was used as a place of worship during the time of Queen Isabella and her court.

Its architecture is similar to that found in Santo Domingo, Italy, and its interior was made with great care. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe.

See the Capital

The second thing you should do in Malta is to visit the city of Valletta. Situated in the southeast part of the island, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Malta until the country’s independence in 1970.

Valletta offers an array of historical attractions that you can enjoy visiting while at the same time having a blast with the local culture and way of life.

This city is a beautiful place in its own right, but it also has a lot to offer to those who want to see the capital’s sights and sounds.

Some historic buildings and museums are open to visitors in this city, and there are also many bars and restaurants where you can have some good food and drink while you are in town.

Several nightclubs provide great entertainment and music to those that want to spend the night.

Gozo Island

The third thing you should do in Malta is to visit the beautiful island of Gozo. This is a tiny island located in the southwestern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is not as well-known as many other islands included in the list of top ten things to do in Malta. However, if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this island may be the perfect place for you.

There are some beautiful beaches on this island, and you can spend your vacation basking in the sun or swim in a lagoon. You can also take in a fair amount of historical attractions like the Basilica di San Cosquer.


The fourth thing you should do in Malta is to visit the archaeological ruins of Sant’Angelo. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been around for centuries and is one of the world’s oldest cities. Its architecture dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The island is also home to other historical and archeological sites, such as the La Cava Della Montagna.

The Cova Della Montagna was built by King Constantine in the sixth century BC to serve as his fortress when protecting the western part of the island. There are several different archaeological sites in Gozo.


Adventure travel is something that many travelers are looking for these days, and Malta can undoubtedly provide this in spades.

There is more to do on Malta’s island than see beautiful sunsets or lounge about on its pristine beaches. Whether you are an adventure freak or a history buff, there are plenty of things to do on Malta in the summer months to keep you entertained on a two, three, or ten-day holiday.

Regardless of what type of adventure you are looking for while enjoying your holiday in Malta, you will be able to find something to fulfill your passion. If you are an adventure junkie, you will be delighted with everything that there is to offer on the island of Malta. One of the main draws being scuba diving.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Malta is one of the most popular activities. With many different kinds of fish in its waters and other types of marine life, it can provide an adventurous and exciting experience to all divers. While this tiny island is just three.5 square miles in total area, the beautiful waters around it offer up some of the finest scuba diving in Malta to those who have the opportunity to visit.

Especially for those looking to dive deep into the sea, scuba diving, this country is excellent for beginners and pros. Scuba diving in Malta is open year-round; the waters are never too warm, and visibility is usually excellent. However, because it is such a small island, you will still find some other sites aside from just the marine life that offers some of the most fantastic scuba dives.

Among the two most significant areas you can dive in, you can find many great places in Gozo. It is a small island, but with so many incredible locations to explore, you should not have any trouble finding a great place to dive.

The Blue Hole in Gozo is a famous location for intrepid divers and offers excellent views of some natural deep-sea formations.

Another popular spot on Gozo for scuba divers is the Grand Harbour, the largest harbor in Gozo. Here you will find some beautiful coral formations and a wide variety of marine life, including sharks.

For the more advanced divers, there is the MV Karwela Wreck in Gozo. This was a ferry used since the 1950s and subsequently scuttled in 2006 to create an artificial reef. It makes an exciting dive and fantastic photo opportunities for those with underwater cameras.

There are also plenty of other scuba diving experiences in Gozo, so no matter where you dive in, you will never be too far away from another fabulous location.

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