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Breaking News: DPRK Ebola Update

Breaking news regarding the DPRK travel ban:

As you may by now be aware, the DPRK has closed it’s borders to tourists to prevent any possibility of Ebola entering their country. Further measures have been implemented to protect the DPRK from Ebola.

The DPRK government, concerned about the spread of the virus, has set up the State Committee for Anti-epidemic Measures. It states that:

A compulsory quarantine is now in effect for all personnel who enter the DPRK (including members of diplomatic missions and international organizations) from the countries or regions of outbreak. Visitors will be quarantined in hotels, and kept under medical supervision for 21 days since the date of departure from the affected area.

At present the only affected areas on the list provided separately by the Korean authorities are in Africa.  In some cases, for example Ghana, the list does not correspond with where Ebola is known to have occurred.





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