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Top 8 tips to use a zodiac

A zodiac is essentially a big (expensive) rubber dingy that you will find on all ships that go through Greenland and Antarctica, and are used to ferry people from ship to shore (and occasionally used for cruises).

The Zodiac is an essential thing during your trip to Greenland and Svalbard, so we have written 8 tips to be safe when zodiacking around.

  1. It might be a small boat, but the driver should be considered the “captain”. Follow his or her instructions at all times.
  2. Always wear your safety vest when you board a zodiac. It is very unlikely that things will go wrong, but if they do, you want to be floating at the very least.
  3. When you are getting in or out of the zodiac, always take the hand being offered to you, and always do the “sailor’s grip”. This the strongest way to grip and will make it much less likely you end up in the freezing-cold ocean!
  4. Don’t over pack! Bring one small waterproof bag for your cameras, GoPros and the like. If you get stuck the zodiac already has a stockpile of food. Snacks are not needed!
  5. No smoking. Zodiacs have fuel on them; fire and fuel really do not mix.
  6. Pay attention to what kind of landing you will have. A “wet landing” means you might get your feet wet, for example! A dry docking means that you will probably stop at a dock.
  7. Don’t exit from the back onto the beach! Simply put, this could end up with you underneath an engine. No one fancies that!
  8. Wear your waterproofs! Rubber boots, waterproof jackets, and waterproof pants. The weather can change quickly and at any time!

These are our top 8 tips for using the zodiacs; check out our photos to see how fun it is cruising around Antarctica on a zodiac!

Join us on our next expedition to Antarctica in 2021!

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