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Thailand extends its visa policies from June 2024

Thailand, already one of the most popular tourist destinations in South-East Asia and worldwide, has announced changes to its visa policies, making it even easier for visitors to enjoy longer stays in the country.

Coming into effect in June this year, the number of visa-free countries is extended from 57 to 93 and the respective stay duration from 30 to 60 days.

People falling under categories such as digital nomads, self-employed, or remote workers can now even get visas for up to five years, with each stay capped at 180 days (standing at 60 before). The government will also extend the period of stay for foreign university students to one year after graduation, allowing them to work in professions not limited to Thai nationals.

As Thailand extends its visa policies, its looking into making the country an even more attractive destination not just for tourists, but also a new generation of independent workers, professionals, and even retirees.

What are the most interesting implications of this measure?

  • The number and type of people choosing Thailand as destination is likely to increase and diversify, also having their direct neighbours such as Cambodia benefitting in the long run.
  • The need for visa runs will be cut down, having people currently crossing borders for a day or so to get their new 30 days length of stay in Thailand.
  • It confirms a trend of countries adapting their visa policies, answering to changing needs and travel habits of people leveraging on digital work opportunities.
  • Thailand’s economy is likely to benefit from it, being ever more dependent on its strong tourism sector.
  • Moreover, societal changes are to be expected, with foreigners becoming an even bigger and more integrated part of daily life, not only in popular tourist places.  

What does that mean for tourism?

We expect the number of people looking for adventurous, informative, and individualized tours off the beaten track in South-East Asia to increase as well, as already overrun places will become even more frequented.

YPT can arrange overland tours throughout South-East Asia that can combine Thailand with travel to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam directly, as well as linking further to mainland China and Myanmar.

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