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Navigating travel to Lebanon in the Second Half of 2024 – Where you should travel to

Travel to Lebanon in 2024 can be intimidating – mixing a fragile economy with sparse airstrikes and fighting in pockets of the country can make planning overwhelming. However, travel to Lebanon largely remains as it was before the war erupting from its southern neighbours. 

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Is Beirut safe? Should I travel there?

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon has seen some bleak years – from the effects of the economic crisis, to the reverberations of COVID-19 and of course, the Port explosion in 2020. However, with the introduction of USD as a concurrent currency and some rebuilding investment, Beirut has turned back into a city like any other.

Lebanese are traditionally known for their incredible hospitality and despite tough conditions, this has remained true – particularly for foreign tourists who wish to explore the country. Personal crime against tourists such as assault, and theft is not so common. Of course, it is important for every tourist to keep in mind their possessions and avoid areas of concern particularly at night. Central districts in Beirut are very safe even at night including Hamra.

Beirut has historically been known as the Paris of the East, but we believe it deserves its own recognition without the comparison to their former occupiers. There are so many activities to do in Lebanon – from paragliding off the Lady of Lebanon, exploring the deserted downtown area, partying at the port of Lebanon, exploring the historical and religious buildings with amazing architecture and so much more!

Is Tripoli safe? Should I travel there?

Tripoli, Lebanons second biggest city to the north is an undiscovered gem of the country. While most tourists may skip the city or label it as conservative – there are many places worth the visit! When walking through the old souks whether it is the produce, jewellery, or any other area, you are likely to hear ‘Welcome to Lebanon!’ Or ‘Welcome to Tripoli!’ from local vendors and customers who are happy to see tourists return.

Tripoli hosts a variety of different attractions – from a 12th century citadel with panoramic views of the city skyline, to traditional souks and hamams, there is plenty to do and see. You can also visit their trendy sister city Mina by the sea.

Many people are worried to visit Tripoli, however it is far away from a conflict zone and boasts a range of unique and bizarre tourist attractions such as the abandoned fairground and the old train hub. It also has very beautiful areas to visit and explore

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Is Baalbek safe? Should I travel there?

Baalbek to the east of the country is in a Hezbollah held region. This is clear when entering the city as Hezbollah banners and flags arise across the roads and on the buildings. 

Baalbek, has remained relatively safe during in the last few months despite its attachment to Hezbollah and the complications that entail. Baalbek has some of the world’s most incredible Roman ruins – including the Jupiter Temple – that are a must see for all those travelling to Lebanon. 

At the time of writing, visiting Baalbek is no problem – you might even find yourself or your group the only foreign tourists exploring the site! Baalbek exposes you to a different side of Lebanon – far away from big and developed cities, Baalbek is more humble and sometimes skipped.

Is South Lebanon safe? Should I travel there?

Travel is not advised to Southern cities such as Tyre (Sur) and Sidon. Many tour guides will not take foreigners to these cities in the current state due to the potential of conflict with Israel. 

Mleeta, despite being an incredible attraction is not recommended and is even (at the time of writing) closed for visitors. 

You will be able to find taxi drivers in Beirut who could take you to the Southern cities however this is not at all recommended and you may find it hard to move around due to checkpoints and may even be denied entry by Hezbollah forces for your own safety. 

Should I travel to Lebanon?

Travel to Lebanon in 2024 isn’t on many peoples cards. While the ongoing conflict has certainly scared many tourists away from Lebanon as a whole, there are many regions not suffering from the war and life continues as normal. The very southern cities close to the border with Israel should be avoided for now as the situation is still somewhat unpredictable. However, the regular scheduled program continues in many parts of the country. 

When deciding where to travel, you should always consult your Home Affairs website for travel advice and safety. 

If you would like to join YPT in Lebanon including visits to Beirut, Baalbek, Tripoli, Batroun and Byblos, our next tour is scheduled for August 7 – 11

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