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Stag Tours to Chernobyl (and Kiev)

Whilst we are not currently planning on a major move into the stag party genre, YPT does have a history and, indeed, reputation for enjoying a drink or two on our fabulous tours.

We have been running both independent, and group tours to Pripyat, and Chernobyl for over 10 years now, we know Kiev inside out, and in our humble opinion Kiev, with a side dish of a visit to Chernobyl make for a fabulous bachelor party.

Where to stay in Kiev?

YPT has excellent relations with a number of hotels, as well as private apartments in Kiev. We try not to put every one of our secrets online, to avoid the stalking smiley grape stealing yet more of our secrets (and charging much more), but we can cater to all budgets, and requirements if you choose to stag in Kiev.

Where do you drink in Kiev?

We can arrange super cheap pub crawls that include a shot in each bar, and other activities, again depending on what you want to do in Kiev.

What else can you do?

What makes Young Pioneer Tours stand out from our competitors is the access we have to some really cool activities. You wanna fire AK47’s in Kiev? Drive a tank over a tree (sorry Greta), we can provide all of the above at a super cheap price.

Chernobyl for a stag?

Unlike our more expensive competitors, the sheer volume we have brought to Pripyat over the years means we get much more access than other companies in the zone. We can arrange 1, or 2-night tours, depending on how you want your drinking to touring ratio to be.

You can get an idea about what we have to offer from our Chernobyl Independent Tour page although feel free to simply contact us and let one of our experts design the perfect bespoke tour to Kiev.

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