Young Pioneer Tours

Kiev Tank Driving Extension

YPT have been working in Ukraine for a number of years, as a result, we are able to arrange unbeatable shooting trips out of Kiev where, under a trained ex-military instructor, you will receive training in the handling of a military grade tank before going on a joyride in the countryside. You’ll then be given the reins and be able to tick driving a tank off your bucket list. There are very few places in the world to drive an active military tank and our prices are extremely competitive!

– The price of each tour includes: transfer, an English-speaking guide, an instructor, coffee/other drinks and lunch.

The Tank Package

You will be transported two hours away from Kiev to a military base, we will get permission from the commanding officer and board our tank, the infamous Soviet BTR-80. A 15 tonne, 8×8 wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed in the USSR. It was first deployed during the Soviet–Afghan War.

For prices, please contact us.