Young Pioneer Tours

Kiev Shooting Range Extension

We have been working in Ukraine for a number of years, as a result, we are able to arrange unbeatable shooting trips out of Kiev where under a trained ex-military instructor, you will receive training in the handling of firearms and safety before unleashing a barrage of rounds downrange. All weapons and ammunition are military grade.

The price of each tour includes: transportation to and from shooting range, an English-speaking guide, a former military instructor, coffee/other drinks and lunch.

The shooting package consists of 50 rounds from an array of weapons such as:

Glock 17 – Makarov – CZ – TT – Stechkyn – AKSU – AK74 – Vepr Vulcan – Tavor – SKS – SVD – Winchester Cal 12 Pump Action

Number of peoplePrice per person
1 person€195
2 people€175
3 people€150
4 people or more€140