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Skiing in Belarus Guide 2024

Despite being on the peripherals of the war in Ukraine, tourism, while not currently popular in the country remains possible, as doing skiing in Belarus.

You can read about the Belarus Exclusion Zone here.

What is the history of skiing in Belarus?

As a cold country and one that was formerly part of the Soviet Union, it is fairly inevitable that skiing would gain some popularity. The country is snowy and ice during winter, which means that skating is a long pass time of the country.

This has proved evident with Belarus also being powerhouses at sports such Ice Hockey, as well as the Eastern European variant Bandy.

The first ski resorts within Belarus were largely setup during the time of the USSR, which provided most of the customer base. This is to an extent still true, with most visitors now coming from the Russian Federation.

What ski resorts are there in Belarus?

There are currently 5 ski resorts in Belarus according to, one of the leading experts on global skiing. The six resorts have a total of 7.6 km of slopes around the country.

The resorts are;

Can Young Pioneer Tours arrange skiing trips to Belarus?

Although travel to Belarus has become somewhat harder since the start of the War in Ukraine, the country remains very much open. The difficulty for tourists actually comes from the lack of flights, as well as open land borders to the country. Visas as things stand remain easy.

We can therefore arrange skiing tours to Belarus through our local partners within the country, although we currently do not arrange any group skiing tours to the country.

If you would like to ski in Belarus we suggest getting in touch, as well as keeping an eye on our Soviet Tours.

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