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Private Soviet Tours

Whilst our group tours are a lot of fun and certainly build camaraderie between people, we understand that many people enjoy their own space and wander around at a comfortable space seeing specific sights they want to see. Whether you’re a photographer who needs time to set up their shots, somehow or prefers a more relaxed tour running at their pace or perhaps a group of friends or a couple who want a specialized tour, we can provide it.

For almost a decade we have been providing unbeatable private tours throughout the former USSR, former Yugoslavia and the four post-Soviet unrecognized countries scattered throughout Eastern Europe. We can ensure to create a memorable tour catering to any budget, time allowance and desires, 365 days a year.

As always, YPT pride ourselves on providing some of the most affordable tours on the market to encourage all walks of life and all ages to come and see our destinations. Depending on the amount of people joining a private tour you will most likely be pleasantly surprised to see the prices are not much higher than our scheduled group tours.

On a private tour you have the opportunities to do things that aren’t possible on group tours. Whether you wish to see the sunset over the ghost city of Pripyat, ride the Soviet Arctic Express from Moscow to Murmansk, hang out with veterans of the Transnistrian civil war or drive a Soviet T-62 battle tank, the YPT team can arrange it!

In the past, some of our most memorable private Soviet tours have been:

  • The Soviet Arctic Express: an incredible experience that began in Moscow and ascended into the far North of Russia passing quintessential Russian cities that time forgot. The tour highlight was the biggest city in the arctic circle: Murmansk. We based ourselves in the city before exploring Russia’s Arctic coastline, discovering ghost towns and meeting the indeginous Salmi tribes and their very friendly Huskies and Reindeer.
  • The Nazi Retreat: a rather haunting tour that followed the Red Army assault into Germany. Beginning in the former Prussian territories, we traversed through Poland and Germany following the apocalyptic Soviet route into the city that was then the heart of the Third Reich, Berlin.
  • Quintessential Transnistria: our scheduled Transnistria tours never fail to fascinate, so when we receive requests to spend prolonged periods in the Soviet time warp republic, we’re always excited! This tour focused on all of the major cities within Transnistria from North to South and as we budgeted more than enough time for the tour, we were able to do many detours into villages untouched since the Soviet Union and full of surprises for both our clients and us!
  • Ghost Cities and Gulags Tour: on this tour we ventured through the taiga and deep into the far North of Russia where few people venture – the industrial heartlands which were built upon the unmarked graves of many unfortunate victims of Soviet gulags. Many of the inhabitants of the cities we visited were either surviving gulag prisoners or direct descendents of them.

To take the first step in the adventure of a lifetime across the former Soviet Union, simply contact us today with your travel desires and we’ll put together an action-packed itinerary and an idea of cost for free!