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Russia to open to tourism by August 9th – with multiple restrictions

Russia to open to tourism by August 9th according to a report by “Traveling Lifestyle”, although as yet there is scant other corroborating news.

If the information proves to be correct it will be great news for our Soviet Tours , although with China closed will make taking the Trans-Siberian to Moscow this October still quite unlikely.

Russia to open to tourism, what are the rules?

Russia to open to tourism
Russia to open to tourism

Tourist from 49 countries with be able to enter Russia providing they show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, or a medical certificate for antibodies. Basically a vaccination and,or proof you have already have the virus.

We new gonna of out on a limb here and also assume that they will be taking the Sputnik vaccine…..

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Will I still have to quarantine?

This is the tricky part and another reason why we are not shouting form the rooftops just yet. The report very vaguely states;

“Not all visitors will have to quarantine. Local governments are allowed to set their own rules regarding quarantine requirements fro arrivals. Visitors are advised to check with local authorities for current restrictions”.

It should be remembered here that Russia is a very federalized state, so rules will likely be extremely diverse for the worlds biggest country.

It further added that Russia had temporarily suspended flights to and from the UK, Tanzania and Turkey, as well implanting new restrictions on arrivals from India.

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So, Russia isn’t really opening for tourism?

Russia to open to tourism
Russia to open to tourism

In essence Russia is opening to tourism to a very limited degree and this will not yet be a game changer for tourism into the country. It does though mark the biggest change in tourism policy in the country since it closed its doors in the early days of the pandemic.

As things go we will take everything that we can.

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