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Q1 and Q2 Visas for China Temporarily Suspended for China


Q1 and Q2 Visas for China Temporarily Suspended for China.

We recently posted the good news that China was easing up their lockdown measures. They would also be allowing those people whose family (Q) visas that had expired after March 2020 to be able to reapply for visa. Sadly this is no longer the case.

We have heard lots of happy stories from customers and beyond about people returning to China for work. Flights have been expensive, quarantine has been costly, and it has involved multiple swabs up noses! But for all intends Chin has been allowing workers with visas back into the country. This will undoubtedly help the many schools in China who have been short on foreign teachers since the beginning of the pandemic.

What is a Q1 and Q2 Visa?

Q1 and Q2 visas and short and long stay family reunification visas, usually granted to spouses of parents of Chinese citizens. These had been announced as part of the range of visas that would be renewed by Chinese embassies and consulates around the world. Alas, this policy now appears to have been shifted.

Suspension of Q1 and Q2 Visas

The official government line is that these visas are still being offered, although unofficially and through at least two sources, we have heard that they have now in effect been suspended.

One source who visited the Chinese consulate in Quebec was informed that family reunification visas would only be granted in case of exceptional emergency, such as death or serious sickness to a close family member.

This has been confirmed by other sources, such as in Cambodia, where a British source was simply informed by e-mail that Q1 and Q2 visas were being temporarily suspended.

We suggest anyone in this situation or trying to get a visa to contact their local Chinese embassy independently. Still, as things stand, a full opening of China is certainly not on the cards.

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