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Since the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone first opened its gates almost a decade ago, YPT were some of the first explorers inside the zone. Since then, we have organized hundreds of expeditions inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone ranging from one to five days and specialising in urbex, photography, Pripyat, wildlife and nuclear history themed tours. Alongside up to 8 scheduled group tours, we run a huge amount of Chernobyl exclusive tours 365 days a year which are private, affordable and fully customizable. We are arguably amongst the most experienced and best Chernobyl tour operators on the market and have organized private trips to Chernobyl from UK, USA, Australia and all over the world.

With our latest announcement that we can now organise tours inside the infamous reactor 4 where the Chernobyl disaster played out in the initial hours of the disaster, we decided to give you a brief on our Chernobyl operations so you can begin your Chernobyl adventure now!

How much does a Chernobyl tour cost?

The price of a Chernobyl holiday can vary depending on what you would like to do and how many days you would like to spend in the zone. Our latest tours inside Reactor 4 are a slightly higher cost but our 1 and 2 days expeditions across the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are very affordable and the price is reduced significantly depending on how many people are joining. To receive an accurate cost, contact us for a free, affordable quote today!

How long does it take to get from Kiev to Chernobyl?

The Kiev to Chernobyl distance is around 180 kilometres. The drive from Kiev to Chernobyl takes around 2 hours and includes a stop on the way for breakfast and coffee.

Is it safe to go to Chernobyl?

A question we are commonly asked is: are Chernobyl Tours Safe? The answer is Yes. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is heavily controlled and regulated. Our Chernobyl vacations do visit areas which were hit hard by the disaster but we don’t stay anywhere near long enough for it to have any effects. Throughout our tours to the Chernobyl area we pass through multiple radiation checks to ensure everything is in order.

How long can you stay in Chernobyl?

Our exclusive Chernobyl tours can be arranged for between 1 – 5 days in the zone. For the duration of the tour, if spending overnight, the accommodation will be a hotel in Chernobyl town which is the area where the workers who are currently dismantling the CNPP stay. All breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included in the tour cost.

Where to stay when visiting Chernobyl?

The Chernobyl Hotel scene is essentially former apartment blocks turned into hotel-style accommodation. Inside the controlled area of Chernobyl town are two, comfortable Soviet-era hotels with a store nearby and a garden area to enjoy some local beer or Vodka.

Can you visit Chernobyl Power Plant?

Yes, access to Reactors 3 and the infamous 4 is now open to select guests on bespoke tours. You will be provided with all required safety equipment before you enter the reactors, the golden corridor and the control room.

Can You Visit Chernobyl Without a Guide?

No, entry into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is only possible with a guide who is permitted by the Ukrainian government. Any attempt to enter the zone illegally is not advised due to the high risk of a non guided expedition. All of our guides have been working inside the Chernobyl Zone since it opened, one of them was even born there.

Can You Visit Pripyat?

Yes, a Pripyat tour is arguably the highlight of any Chernobyl exclusion zone tour and this time warp ghost city is unique to the world. Our tours take in infamous sights such as the Pripyat ferris wheel, the abandoned hospital, abandoned Pripyat amusement park and much more!

To begin your epic adventure contact us to arrange your Chernobyl adventure today! Always run on the YPT ethos of a great price, fun guides and extra sights not mentioned in the itinerary!

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